On devices running the Android operating systemthere is an opportunity to take screenshots (it should be noted, not the most convenient way), but starting with the KitKat version, and the ability to capture video from the screen. However, it was created for developers, because it is difficult to customize the recording of video to an ordinary user. But how fast and convenient is it to shoot a video from Android?

Many applications have been created for this purpose. Since free versions limit the user in the time of shooting, overlay their logo on video, etc., you can buy the full version of the application, and then many restrictions will be removed.

Note that most video recording applications require root-right.

The best apps to record videos on Android

  • Lollipop Screen Recorder for devices with the Andoid 5.0 system. Lollipop works without root-rights.
  • Rec. (Screen Recorder) shoots video for up to 5 minutes, there is a paid version.
  • No Root Screen Recorder removes video without the presence of root-rights, but for its operation it is necessary to have a connection to the computer.
  • Shou shoots video without any length limitation and has many functions that are not present in other applications. For example, thanks to this application, you can shoot streams.

Our list will help you choose the best application. The most convenient and functional, perhaps, is Shou, but for recording a short video, the functionality of Rec will suffice. (Screen Recorder).

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