Some applications and programs installedon the computer, can create temporary or auxiliary files. They are usually hidden, so the user does not see how they "clog up" the system and load the RAM.

How to delete these hidden files? It is necessary to first find them and make them "visible."

For this you need:

  1. Go to My Computer => "Tools" => "Folder Options".
  2. Then you need to click the "View" tab and, by selecting "Advanced options", find the command "Show hidden files and folders".
  3. To "fix" the result, you need to click the "Apply" or "Ok" button, and then delete them.

Also, advice on how to open such a folder can be useful - for this you should read our article How to open a hidden folder.

In addition, you can delete "invisible" files andfolder through the "Start". In this menu, you must select "Programs" => "Standard" => "Service" => "Disk Cleanup". The system will automatically delete all unnecessary files without harm to Windows itself, which will free up a large amount of memory.

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