To date, almost everyoneInternet user has a webcam - stationary or built-in laptop. This device allows us to share impressions, learn and teach, and also communicate with relatives and friends, regardless of where they live or are at the moment. Many find special applications for web cameras, for example, people show their apartment concerts or the process of creating pictures and illustrations.

Shooting with the camera

To keep interesting memories not onlyin your memory, but also on your computer's hard drive, you can shoot events on a webcam. But before many users the question arises as to how to shoot a video camera on a laptop. For this, many programs are currently used. A good representative of these programs is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It provides a huge choice for creating and editing video from the laptop's camera.

  1. First you need to install the Movavi programScreen Capture Studio. The convenience of the program is that it is Russified, and its interface is understandable for users. In order to shoot the video through the camera, you need to open the video editor Movavi, which is included in the standard set of components.
  2. Next, go directly to the recordvideo. To do this, you must find the "Import" tab, then select "Capture video" → "Start capture". Therefore, to stop shooting, you need to select the "End capture" button. After that, the video will go to the editor, where it will be displayed in the "My records" panel.
  3. Then you can proceed to edit the video. You can cut it, remove an unnecessary fragment, apply a large number of different filters. Then save the video. This program provides all the most popular formats of video and audio files.

Camera setup

But before recording the video you will need to set upcamera. To do this, you need to go to the camera settings and set parameters that would meet your requirements. Here you can adjust the brightness, contrast, color rendering. Also, many recording programs provide the ability to configure the camera before shooting.

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