Sometimes we need to share withinterlocutor with what we see on the screen of our computer. To do this, we need to take a snapshot of the monitor (screenshot), save it in a graphical format and transfer the resulting image.

How to copy the monitor screen?

How to make a screenshot

In the Windows operating system, a screenshotcan be done using the keyboard. To do this, use the special "Print Screen" key. It is located in the upper row of keys, to the right of the function keys F1 - F12. If you click this button, the image that is in front of us on the monitor will be saved in the clipboard.

View, edit and save a photo fromscreen can be in the built-in program Paint. Open it, click on the "Insert" menu button. The screenshot is copied from the clipboard to Paint. Here you can edit it and save it to any folder of your hard drive.

How to copy a screen using the program

If you make a screenshot using thisa special utility, the image will be more clear. You can copy the screen, for example, using the Screen Capture program. Download it from the official site and install it on your computer. Then in the notification area of ​​your OS there will be a new icon with the green letter S.

In order to make a screenshot:

  1. Right-click on the icon and select the format of the future image file (JPG, PNG, BMP).
  2. Specify where to save the file (on the desktop, in the folder, upload to the Internet or put on the clipboard).
  3. To copy the screen, right-click the program shortcut in the notification area and select "Take Snapshot".
  4. Select the desired area of ​​the monitor and click "OK". The screenshot is copied to the address you specified.

Read also a special article How to make a screenshot, which tells how to copy the monitor screen and on a Linux system.

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