Taskbar on the desktop of the computeris divided into the main part and the tray (system tray). The latter is located in the lower right corner, it is separated from the main part of the panel by a separator, moving it to the right and left, you can resize both areas. For those who do not know what the desktop of the computer is, we suggest you read our article What is the desktop.

What is a tray and what is its purpose?

This "zone" first appeared in the Windows system95, and what a tray, you can learn from the old textbooks on computer science. The given part of the taskbar received its name from the program systray.exe, which displayed messages and notifications in this area. It is intended for placing program icons that are rarely used by the user, but are constantly loaded into the operating system.

What is the system tray and what icons does it have?displays: you can see the current time and date, the keyboard layout (icon RU, EN, etc.), the help icon (blue circle with a question mark), the speaker volume icon, the battery charge (on laptops), etc. You can also see the checkbox - a sign that the computer has some kind of malfunction.

In the system tray icons are smaller than in the rest of the taskbar. If you bring the mouse cursor to each of them, a hint message will appear, which means this or that symbol in the tray.

It will also be useful to get acquainted with information on how to minimize the tray - for this, we recommend reading our article. How to minimize to tray.

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