Today, a personal camera (for example, built-in smartphone) is almost everyone, so it is so common to create and distribute a variety of videos.

Let's figure out how to start shooting a video.

What to shoot?

As we said above, the technique for shootingthere is today everyone. At first you can use the camera of your smartphone, but, of course, if it produces acceptable results. Shooting on VGA is a bad form, it's unlikely that anyone will enjoy viewing a pixelated video, except that charming kittens will be captured on it.

If you plan to shoot alone, then for shooting, except for the camera, you will need a tripod.

Where to shoot?

Of course, you can shoot at home, put a smartphoneon some high piece of furniture and do without a tripod, but shooting indoors is always less effective, although, again, it's important to push off from the goal. If you are leading a beauty blog, then, of course, it will be more logical, and it is more convenient to lead it in the room. If you are planning to shoot, for example, some kind of beautiful advertisement or reporting on something, then it's best to do it in nature - on the beach, in the woods, on the sandy quarry ...

What should I say?

If you have to talk in a video, you need tobe sure to write yourself a script and preferably pre-rehearse it. You need to get used to the camera, do not be afraid of it. As a training, every day you can turn on the camera and slander something on it. In doing so, you can not only get used to the camera, but also understand which gestures and facial expressions you have most successful, and which, on the contrary, can be annoying.

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