Professional video shooting is quite a serious and complex process, for which modern equipment is required.

But even to make an amateur video, you need to learn how to properly shoot.

How to learn how to shoot a video

You can achieve good results with the right approach and in advance planning the process.

Equipment for shooting

In addition to a video camera, a tripod is useful for shooting video. It will help to eliminate the main problem of all newcomers - shaking the camera when recording.

Another necessary accessory is an external microphone, since the built-in microphone gives a lower quality sound. When shooting outdoors, you can reduce unwanted noise by using a windshield.

Plans for shooting

As a rule, the video consists of mountedindividual frames or "plans". To make it easier to dock individual frames, do not move the camera too fast. On each subject, you need to stay about 10 seconds. Too long frames are also difficult to process, so shoot better with small pieces.

To facilitate the mounting of the footage, "interlocks" are removed - frames that are pasted between the ligament plans.

Camera movement

To prevent the camera from falling off when using a tripod, it should be set using a level. The farther from the camera the hand is when shooting, the less "jerky" the frame will be.

When shooting without a tripod, follow these rules:

  • It is more convenient to hold the camera with both hands, and press the elbows to the body.
  • Panorama shooting should begin with a turn, smoothly returning to full-face, and not vice versa.
  • It is not necessary to shoot in motion.
  • When shooting children and animals, the camera should be better positioned at the level of their growth.
  • If the subject is above the operator's growth, the camera should be held on an outstretched arm, unbent.
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