The modern media player iTunes opens beforeusers of the door to the online store iTunes Store, where you can not only buy, but also rent any movie. But many users prefer to create the collection themselves, and the interest in how to add a movie to iTunes is growing every day. With simple steps you can add your favorite music or movies on your own.

ITunes was created to syncApple devices and for classifying, grouping music, video and photo files on your computer, so the first step in working is installing the latest version of iTunes on your PC.

The order of installing and adding a movie

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. It's quick and easy, as the program is available to every user on the official Apple website.
  • Connect your i-device to the computer: iPad, iPod or iPhone.
  • Launch the iTunes application, find the "Media Library" section, go to "Movies" - this is the tab for our work.
  • The next step in the steps is how to add a video toiTunes, - find your favorite movie on your computer, see what format it is recorded in. For iTunes only two "* .m4v" or "* .mp4" formats are suitable, so be careful when downloading files. If the extension is not suitable, the video conversion program will save the movie in the required format: "avi" is easily converted to "* .m4v" or "* .mp4". On all i-devices are MP4 codecs, so no other extensions will not be played.
  • Select the video, drag it with the mouse in the "Movies". If the format is suitable, a copy line will appear on the screen, and in the "Movies" tab a video file with the mark "New" will appear.

How do I watch a video?

The video has been added to the iTunes player! You can freely view the movie in the i-device after it is synchronized with the computer.

  • In the Devices tab, find your iPad, iPod, or iPhone.
  • Click on "Movies" in the horizontal menu bar.
  • Click to check the "Sync movies" and "Automatically include all movies" check box.
  • After clicking on the button "Apply" or "Synchronize" the desired file will be added to your i - device.

The next time you add a movie, you do not need to synchronize your computer and i-device, just drag the desired video files into the "Movies" tab and enjoy viewing.

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