To protect your computer from malicious virusesthere are special protective programs. Their choice today is great. One of the popular antiviruses is NOD. It is popular due to the fact that it does not overload the system in excess of the measure, which means that the computer does not "slow down", besides it is easy to install. But this program, like any other antivirus, requires regular updates. Next, we'll show you how to update nod32.

The easiest way to update the program is tothe extension or purchase of a license, which, admittedly, is worth a lot. But we'll venture to assume that readers of this article are interested in free methods of updating the NOD32 antivirus system.

The keys for NOD are what it is and where they are taken

On the Internet there is simply a huge amountsites that offer users free keys from NOD32. These keys are distributed in a free order. You can easily find them on the Internet by entering the query "keys from NOD32". Here are examples of such sites:


After you find the site with the keys, you need to go directly to the antivirus program itself.

  • Open NOD32 and select the "Updates" item.
  • Select the "User name and password settings" option.
  • It is necessary to select licenses by copying and pasting. After one of the keys is up, the update process will start on its own.
  • If nothing happens, you will have to enter data again and again until the update process starts. As a rule, the key is suitable from the third time.

After a successful update, the antivirus startscheck in accordance with the new signatures. It can for some time (usually five minutes, rarely ten) slow down your computer. After checking everything will be back to normal.

The main disadvantage of this method isshort life of the key. By purchasing a license, you will provide yourself with a powerful computer protection for the whole year. By finding the key on the Internet, you can not use it for so long. Sometimes, the keys stop working the next week after they are published.

Choosing a free version of the antivirus update,remember that any software is a product for which a huge amount of resources were spent, including money. Deceiving developers, you lose a really reliable system to protect your computer from viruses.

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