A mdf file is a disk image orvirtual disk. On your computer there are physical disks - it's a hard drive and a device for reading disks - a drive. Also you can install programs to use virtual disks. Such a program kakby deceives the system and tells the computer that the disk is inserted into the drive, only this drive is virtual. The most famous programs for working with virtual disks are Alcohol 52% and Daemon Tools.

So, the mdf file is a virtual disk image. Usually mdf files work in a compartment with mds files. One without the other can either not work at all, or work incorrectly.

How to open a file with the extension mdf?

  • One of the leaders among CD / DVD emulation programsdrives is the program Alcohol 52%. Download the application for free at the following link: Alcohol 52% .exe (12.8 MB). The program will create the most exact copies of disks and without problems to load them on virtual carriers. You can install up to 31 drives. These drives are able to work with disks at speeds up to 200x. Alcohol 52% supports most formats of disk images, including mdf. If you need to constantly work with disks, that is, put and remove them, then Alcohol 52% is the best solution. You do not need to force your drive with a permanent opening, since all the images of the desired disks will be stored in the main memory of the computer.
  • And a simpler version of the program for readingvirtual disks. Programs of the Daemon Tools series. The main advantages of the program are its convenience, speed and availability. You can download the latest version of the program for free at this link: DAEMON Tools Lite.exe (11.2 MB). The program is installed in the system in the form of a virtual drive and is designed for 4 disks, which in comparison with the emulator from the developers Alcohol of course not much. On the other hand, Daemon Tools does not require a lot of computer memory resources. The program also works with a large number of formats, including mdf files.
  • There is another trick that will allowdownload the above mentioned applications, open the file format mdf. In file properties, you need to change the file extension. To do this, in the file name after the dot, erase the letters mdf and type the letters iso. After the performed operations, we have the opportunity to open the file using the WinRAR program. This is a regular archiver. This method does not always work, but nobody tries to try you.

Remember. These programs are not designed to copy and distribute copyright content that is contained on disks. These programs are designed to facilitate and increase the speed of your work on a personal computer.

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