The girl enters adolescence. The circle of her interests is expanding: appearance, relations with peers become important. Many at this time fall in love for the first time. Choosing a gift for an adult child becomes more difficult every year.

What to give a daughter at this age - for 11 years?

Variants of gifts for 11 years

  • Give your daughter a good paper book. So, for example, it can be books from the series "Cats-warriors". These are works in the genre of fantasy written by four English women working in collaboration with Keith Carey, Cherith Baldry, Victoria Holmes and Thai Sutherland.
  • E-book is another great option. The daughter will be able to load hundreds of favorite pieces into the device's memory. If you have a lot of money, you can give a netbook or laptop.
  • Many girls love jewelry. Buy a beautiful pendant or earrings. Take care of the package: the gift should look festive.
  • Take your daughter to the cinema, water park, etc. Impressions - an excellent gift.
  • Order a cake with figures from marzipan and an unusual inscription. It is desirable that it is designed in accordance with the interests of the child.
  • Many teenagers will be happy to receive as a gift a computer game, accessories for the phone, a joystick, a wireless headset and so on.
  • An interesting gift is a telescope. The child may not become an astronomer, but will have the opportunity to expand his horizons.
  • The young lady will probably love cosmetics and light perfume.

At the age of 11, it is important for the child to communicate with other people. He is trying to find his place in society. Many adolescents appreciate "status" things, because they help to assert themselves.

Arrange a holiday for the birthday girl and her friends. Let the birthday be remembered daughter not only a gift.

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