Family - the most expensive thing in lifeman, and how nice if the union of the two lovers remains unbreakable all his life. If your parents have lived in marriage long enough and the next anniversary of the wedding is just around the corner, then it's time to think about what to give them on this day. We will offer gift options for some anniversaries, other interesting thoughts with you will share an article of our resource. What to present for the wedding.

15 years of marriage

The 15th anniversary of the joint life is celebrated by the crystalwedding. Parents on this day can give any items from crystal or glass (this can be a vase, a set of wine glasses or some other objects of dishes). Spouses can also be handed a crystal statuette, symbolizing their tender feelings for each other. These can be pigeons, swans or any objects with which your parents have special memories. If, say, they spent a honeymoon on a wedding sea voyage, give them a small yacht made of their glass or crystal.

20 years of marriage

At the porcelain wedding (the so-called 20-year-oldthe experience in marriage) is accepted to give products from porcelain. Often by this time, children are already growing up, often leave their home and visit their parents during vacations or holidays, so a great gift will be a luxurious table set from porcelain. It will become a symbol of home comfort and will appear on the table, after which a friendly family will meet in full.

25 years of marriage

Since the wedding, 25 years have passed, andthe date of the silver wedding came. This is a truly significant event, and it is especially pleasant for parents to receive congratulations and gifts on this day. Mom can be presented with silver jewelry, a daddy - a cigarette case, both parents - a cup with a commemorative engraving. In addition to silver items, you can give other gifts. Not necessarily something practical, necessary in the farm, let it be a souvenir for the soul. Find the old photo, where dad and mom together, put it in a beautiful frame and remind your parents about the brightest moments of their life.

30 years of marriage

30 years of marriage is marked by a pearl wedding. Mom can be surprised by jewelry made of natural pearls, the Pope on this day present what he had long dreamed of, but he could not buy. You need to learn this sensitive information in advance and in such a way that you do not give yourself away. If you did not find out what you wanted, then pay attention to the hobbies of your parents. Passion for photography, love of gardening, the desire for exact sciences or winemaking will tell you in which direction to choose a present.

Help can provide an article of our resource. What to present for the wedding is original.

35 years of marriage

On the day of the coral wedding - the 35th anniversary of the jointlife - you can traditionally give items from corals. But it's better to a material gift, or at all instead of it, to offer something amazing that will be remembered by parents for a long time and will breathe new strength into their long relationship. If their age and health allow, organize a balloon flight, sailing or tour on the boat, send them on a romantic trip (the cottage is excluded) or get tickets for the performer they love (this can be a sports match, if both dad and mom - inveterate fans). The main thing in this day is to please both parents. On other options will tell the article What to give to 35 years of the wedding.

50 years of marriage

At the onset of this significant date, allThe family must gather to honor their parents. Their example of perseverance and love is worthy of recognition and admiration of all members of the family. Both children and grandchildren can draw inspiration and imitate this married couple, keeping their families as strong and indestructible. Gold products (jewelry and souvenirs) are welcomed, as well as any other things that are needed in everyday life. A wonderful gift will be a film, mounted from the frames of a family chronicle, old photos and video, shot at the moment. Parents will warm their hearts and custom-made their joint portrait or a large family photo, where their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be present.

Other ideas of gifts to parents you will find in the article What to present for a golden wedding.

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