Who do you know best, not your sister? You grew up with her, you have a common family history and probably have much in common in interests and preferences. However, even the brothers and sisters often have a question about what to give each other.

In this article we will tell you what you can give your sister and what to give her is not worth it.

What she herself wants

The simplest and most reliable option is to askthe sister directly, what would she like to receive as a gift. Of course, you will not be able to make a surprise in this case, but you will know for sure that you spent money knowingly. In addition, the family is a family, and often you have a common life with your sister. There is nothing wrong with asking your sister what she needs. Another option is to give an envelope with money. Situations in life are different, and, perhaps, she really needs money now than flowers and gifts.

Interior items

Even if you no longer live in the same house, youfor sure you often visit her. This gives you an advantage over other guests, since you know exactly the situation of a house or apartment and can safely buy various pieces of furniture and decor. You are surely well aware of your sister's tastes, and if you are a little strained, you may be able to recall what, in her sister's opinion, is not enough in her house. You can buy a picture, a figurine, a vase, decorative pillows. A real surprise may be, for example, a rocking chair, provided that there is a place to put it.


Perhaps you and your sister had a parrot as a childor you always wanted to have a dog, but your parents forbade it. Maybe it's time to realize children's dreams and give your sister a faithful pet. But at the same time you must be sure that neither the sister, nor her family members this time will not mind and that none of them have allergies to animals.

A gift made by own hands

The manifestation of real care and participation is a gift,which you yourself did. By and large it does not matter what it will be - a postcard, a pillow, an embroidered picture or a knitted sweater. Attention is important. If you do not know how to sew, knit or make sculptures - do not get discouraged! You can burn a disc or a flash drive with her favorite songs or make a collage of your family photos on a regular sheet of paper.

Present a holiday

If your sister does not feel like celebrating herbirthday, you must take this responsibility upon yourself. Many consider birthday a sad holiday and reluctantly celebrate it. Arrange a party for your sister, invite her friends, or take her somewhere to have fun. Birthday is a warm enough holiday, which is better celebrated with the family.

Do not give

Now let's talk about what you do not really want to give your sister.

  • If your sister is not an inveterate mistress and does not spend a day at the stove, you do not need to give her kitchen appliances and utensils - that she can buy without you.
  • Alcohol - a gift that is usually given in thosecases where nothing better could come up with. Moreover, such a gift to a woman is not always appropriate, only if it is not a collection bottle of some exquisite wine or champagne. But in this case it is better to try to think up something more original.
  • Footwear. Even if you know the size of your sister's shoes, we do not advise you to buy any shoes for free for two reasons. First, shoes always need to measure. Whether it's sneakers or boots, it's important that the shoes sit well on the foot. Lifting, height and width of heels, etc. are important. Secondly, you can not guess with the design. If you pick up clothes for a close person, at least somehow it seems possible, then it is almost impossible to find shoes that would be guaranteed to fit and fit into the wardrobe.

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