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How to decorate wine glasses?

No grand solemn event isdoes without good champagne, which is poured into beautiful wine glasses. If you plan a big holiday, for example, a wedding or an anniversary, then for sure you are thinking about how to create a wonderful atmosphere. A significant role in this play ornaments, and even small details. Today we will talk about how to decorate the wine glasses with our own hands. Consider different ways for every taste.

How to decorate wine glasses: ideas

  • You can use special paints forceramics and glass - paint them beautifully wine glasses, let the paint dry, and then decorate the tips of the patterns with beads in tone. On the foot you can tie a beautiful ribbon in the form of a bow.
    wine glasses
  • Find a beautiful lace, cut out enougha wide strip and glue it around the wine glass. For gluing the details on the wine glasses you can use glue PVA or glue "Moment" (it is used more often). Around the legs you can also attach the lace to your taste.
  • You can think of decorations (like flowers) inQuilling technique, glue them on the wine glass on one side (there is no need to fasten the surroundings on all sides, because then it will be inconvenient to keep the wine glass). The top of the wine glass can be decorated with a thin lace strip.
  • You can make three-dimensional roses from ribbons - very gently looking white roses. They should be glued on one side. The leg of the wine glass can be wound with a thin ribbon in the tone of the roses.
  • In general, tapes are an excellent material for decorating wine glasses. Differently
    wine glasses
    combining and combining them, you can achieve differentvariants of ornaments. So, you can wrap the wineglass with a ribbon in the base of the bowl of the glass so as to create a flower around the bowl. And the stem of this flower can be obtained with a thin ribbon, wrapped around the stem of the wine glass. Also, the ribbon can simply be tied to the stem of the glass in the form of a beautiful bow. You can take a thin ribbon and wrap it around the bowl of a glass, fixing with glue.
  • Some are used to decorate wine glassesflower petals. In order not to spoil the fresh flowers, you can buy individual petals - some flower shops sell them. You just need to glue the petals around the stem of the wine glass like a flower. To complement the decoration can be a thin ribbon.

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