When the birthday of the young princess is coming ora holiday where each other presents gifts, for example, the New Year, many start to wonder: what can you give a girl? With such a question not only boys / guys are faced, but also parents, girlfriends every holiday. I always want to remember the gift, I needed it.

Below we present a few tips for choosing a gift for a girl of any age.

To please the girl, it is necessary to consider:

  • age;
  • hobbies;
  • their financial capabilities (or parents, if you yourself do not yet earn).

A gift should be desired and bring joy at any age.

Ideas for young women of fashion

The tiniest (up to 3 years) will be in joyget not only soft toys, but sets of dishes with your favorite princesses or cartoon characters. Pupa, which can speak, like uniquely! Developing mats, finger paints, musical instruments - all this baby will accept with delight. If a child really likes Winnie the Pooh, any item with its image (cup, book, T-shirt, table, bed linens, etc.) will bring joy.

At the age of 3-5 years, girls are already startinglook at the jewelry, handbags. Hairpins with rhinestones, a bezel with a large flower, bracelets presented by friends, will win the girl's sympathy. If the child likes to sing, parents can give a microphone. If the baby is very active, give her a scooter, rollers, a bicycle. Outfits are also superfluous not happen. A bouquet of balloons will not leave any girl indifferent. A soft toy filled with chocolate candies inside is a very attractive gift for New Year and for another holiday.

From the age of 6 girls will be delighted with children's cosmetics,nail polish (water-based), perfume and various ornaments. Teddy bears (rabbits or other favorite animals) will always suit. Certificates in the toy store - an ideal option for those who have not decided on the choice. A boy can attach a chocolate card to the main gift. Parents should know the interests of the child well. If he likes magic tricks, then a set of a sorceress + a pointed hat will cause a storm of enthusiasm, because now she can conjure herself!

What can you give a teenage girl

The approach to teenagers is special. Be attentive to the interests of the girl, who is going to present the gift. Maybe she collects something (cacti, etc.), then the addition of the collection to a unique specimen will be very useful. Nobody cancels ornaments, bouquets, plush toys, postcards - it's all nice to get from a fan on any holiday.

A brother can find and buy a CD of his beloved band,a unique collection. Girlfriends can pick beautiful beads and make their own bracelets. Also there are diaries for girls, photo albums. Parents can give professional videos and protection if the girl likes to ride. A smartphone and a tablet are great options.

Also you can come in handy our article. What to give to a teenage girl.

If a girl is 15-18 years old

Parents who will give tickets to the concertidol (Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, etc.) on his birthday, make happy his birthday. On the 18th anniversary, you can order a photo session. A certificate can be presented to a beauty salon by a brother. From the girlfriends it will be nice to receive something reminding of their long friendship, for example, a collage of photos.

Guy will have to show wit to histhe gift was original. You can contact the services that are preparing a surprise gift for any holiday (at the printing house, order a poster using your photo). A basket of flowers with an interesting postcard, delivered by the courier in the morning, will raise the young lady's mood for the whole day. A bouquet can be made from sweets.

The main thing when choosing a gift is to take into account the interests of the girl who is being presented to him. Such attention will be highly appreciated and will cheer up.

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