Choose a gift for a small child - a tasknot from simple. From the huge variety of toys in stores, you need to stop choosing exactly what will be really interesting for the child and will give him a lot of pleasant emotions. Let's consider what to give for 2 years to a boy or a girl.

At the age of 2 years all children are extremely inquisitiveand are active. Therefore, if you have to choose a gift, you should pay attention to personal interests and general features of this age. Preference should be given to beautiful, bright and non-breaking toys, as curious little fingers will easily reach each battery, buttons and even wiring.

Gifts for girls

From the age of 2, the beginnings of the first role-playing games begin (to shake a doll, to clean up in a house or to cook as a mum's dinner), therefore it is worth giving preference to them.

  • A doll (preferably large), whichyou can easily change clothes. It's good if her legs are bent and her eyes are closed. These functions are useful in order to put it to sleep or sit down on a table for tea.
  • Carriage for your favorite dolls. Each baby loves to imagine herself as a mother and take care of the baby.
  • Set of toy utensils. It should be beautiful and consist of several sets to organize a tea party at the same time for several toys.
  • Items from toy household appliances: washing machine, iron or vacuum cleaner. From this moment, cleaning will turn into an exciting activity.
  • A beautiful lush dress with interesting accessories: a magic wand, a crown or wings of a fairy. The girl will feel like a real sorceress and will appreciate your gift.

Gifts for boys

By the second year the boys' worldview begins to differ from the girls, so the most interesting and relevant gifts will be:

  • Machine with a pedal drive. Boys even from such an early age are able to appreciate this miracle of technology. If you are not sure that the child will cope on his own with this transport, select the model that includes the control panel for the parents.
  • The Swedish wall is an interesting and useful gift.
  • A set of children's tools. The boy will be happy to repeat everything that Dad does around the house, and from an early age will become accustomed to work.
  • A machine of great size for playing at home or onstreet. For the house excavator or crane is perfect, and for the street the truck (it will be than to transport stones and toys). When choosing in the store, load the car and try to ride for a rope, if the body capsizes, then a good game with such a toy does not work.
  • A puzzle with large details, which depicts an airplane, car or ship.
  • Collectible metal typewriters. As practice shows, they are very popular among children. Few can resist opening doors and realistic design.
  • Garage for several levels for your favorite cars. It will be great if he has special slopes.

Universal gifts

I want to note that there are toys that will be of interest to children regardless of gender. Here are the most common of them:

  • The house is a tent.
  • Children's musical instruments. For example, a musical piano on batteries or a big drum.
  • A soft toy, which is a favorite animal.
  • Tricycle.
  • Kick scooter.
  • Constructor of large cubes.
  • A book with kind children's poems or fairy tales.
  • Lego.
  • A set for creativity. Gather in a large folder plasticine, paint, several brushes, safe scissors, colored paper, cardboard and glue.
  • Children's table with chairs. At the age of 2 years the child already perfectly sits independently and can be engaged at the table drawing, modeling or any other games.
  • Photoshoot for the baby. Most parents regret their time and money, but the pictures will remain in the family as a memory for life.

More interesting and useful ideas for gifts you can find in the article What to give a child for 2 years.

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