Want to please your beloved girl with a gift,which for sure she will like? Choosing a gift to a child is always difficult: to understand that it is interesting to the fucker not so simply, and the interests of children change very often.

Below we will offer some good ideas, and you will only have to choose the best option for your child.

Gift ideas for 10 years

If your child loves nature and animals, then thinking about what to give your daughter for 10 years, you can choose one of the following ideas.

Aqua farm

It is a small aquarium withclosing lid. There you can grow simple plants like basil, parsley and other greens that do not require soil. Water for them will come directly from the aquarium. You will only have to buy and run a small fish in the water - all the care for taking care of a tiny pet and growing a "bed" will be taken by the daughter.

Electronic Butterfly

The product is a glass jar withcover, inside which is placed an electronic butterfly, which in the dark will be intensely poured bright lights. It only needs to shake the container, and the butterfly starts to fly, sits on the walls of the can. Near, of course, you can consider the thin line, on which the "insect" holds, and other technical details, but from a distance it looks quite realistic.


If you are not ready to give your daughter a cat or dog,then you can always choose a friend of a smaller size, for example, a hamster, a parrot, a chinchilla, a turtle, ahatina (a large snail). Any girl and rabbit will like it, but caring for him is complicated enough, and the animals themselves are very susceptible to illnesses, stresses.

"Magic" tablet for drawing

It will be incredibly easy to redrawany picture. You just need to place the picture on one of the surfaces and with the help of the second surface creating the projection of the image onto a piece of paper, copy the picture.

Projector starry sky

In shops you can find a wide varietymodels that will, without leaving the room, admire the beauty of the stars. In addition, such a device can be used as a night lamp for a nursery. If the funds permit, you can purchase a real telescope.

A set for celebrating a birthday in a fun company is also useful. Put in a colorful box a detailed scenario of the event, sweets and bright elegant props for contests.

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