The eighteenth birthday is perhaps the most important date for any resident of our country. From that moment on, he officially ceases to be a teenager and becomes a full member of society.

In this connection, the question arises: what to present for 18 years to a person who enters adulthood? Below are a few ideas.

Certificate for playing paintball or laser tag on the team

In such outdoor games as paintball orlaser tag, it's fun to play at any age. Invite the birthday party to gather a team and run, shoot at rivals. A lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

Tickets for a concert of your favorite band

Almost all teenagers are looking for ways to express themselves through music. If you know exactly which performer or group the birthday boy is listening to, try to get a ticket for his or their concert.

Fashionable gadgets

If you plan to spend heavily ongift, you can buy something from the technical novelties that have come out recently. A brand new smartphone, MP3 player or tablet will be an excellent occasion to show off in front of peers.


Another option for a gift for a music lover. In addition, such a gift is perfect for computer games enthusiasts, who are overwhelmingly among modern youth.

Sports Equipment

In youth, most people still moveLifestyle. While you are young, you need to move as much as possible. Therefore, even if the birthday boy does not run in the mornings and does not attend the gym, the ball (football, volleyball, basketball), a set for table tennis or a tennis racket, a boxing pear, etc., will help to make his or her leisure more diverse.

Video clip

Recently, it has become quite fashionable to doon his birthday from photographs, freakish transitions and beautiful background music, a real video clip that shows the most pleasant moments of a birthday person's life together with faithful friends and relatives. Believe me, those few minutes that will last a congratulation, and guests, and the originator of the celebration will hold with his breath frozen, and the gift will produce the proper effect.

Gifts for girl

Certificate in the spa or beauty salon

Despite the fact that young skin needs less care than fading, no woman will refuse massage, manicure or any other cosmetic procedure.


Every young girl at home has her ownperfume and beauty salon. In 18 years it seems that cosmetics do not happen much. At this age, many girls have not yet found their style and continue to experiment with appearance. Therefore, you can safely give them cosmetics, including decorative.

Jewelry or bijouterie

The choice depends on your financial capabilities. A young woman is appropriate to give as jewelry from precious metals and stones, and skillful jewelry. With what to wear, the girl herself will certainly figure it out.

Gifts for the guy

USB flash drive or external hard drive

By the age of eighteen, most of us havecomputer accumulates so much information that it can not accommodate the memory of even the most powerful laptops and computers. It's always a pity to delete something - but what if this program or this video will be needed for me in the future? Therefore, an external hard drive or USB flash drive is sure to be a useful gift for any guy.

Swiss knife

Such knives have become a kind of classic. They are convenient, durable, compact and many models are very functional. Such a gift is useful everywhere, but before you give a knife, make sure that no one has done this before you.

A game

As they say, the first 40 years of childhood in a manthe most difficult. And although by the age of 18 many guys consider themselves to be adults, they also continue to play games. If a birthday person is not addicted to computer games, give him some board game. Now on sale there is a large selection of games for parties and large and small companies, for example, twister or alcoholic chess. To whom that liking.

Do not be too serious about the gift. Yes, 18 years is an important date, but not an anniversary. Let the gift be better fun and memorable, than expensive and completely useless.

More interesting ideas you can find in the article What to present to a guy at 18.

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