Choosing a gift for a kum is a responsible job. After all, a simple and banal souvenir you can not do - it's embarrassing. Therefore, before buying another set of glasses or an unnecessary picture on the wall, it is better to remember all of his hobbies, as well as who he works and where.

Birthday gifts

If your godmother celebrates his "nth" birthdayand is an avid fisherman, options for choosing a gift mass, it all depends on your wallet. In addition to the newfangled spinning or tent for winter fishing, a good camp thermos or a whole set of gears, you can give a cool thing - an echo sounder, irreplaceable when fishing without a boat. To such gifts your kum is obviously delighted. But what to give to the godfather, if he is a fan of newfangled gadgets, starting from a clever smartphone and ending with a "smart house", present a talking clock, an electric massage or a ticket for hockey or football - the sport always unites the lures!

Gifts for February 23

When there is such a popular and male holiday,as the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, very opportunely will be such variants of gifts for the godfather: a t-shirt with a thematic print or a tie with a photoprint, a notebook bag, a cup-pistol, a USB ashtray in the form of a typewriter, a bath set with Budenovka or a gift certificate for a small club, in extreme cases, participation in the game "Paintball".

And when you have difficulties with the choice of a gift for the mother, grandson, sister, or colleague, the rubric Gifts will help.

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