Are you curious, 21 years - what kind of wedding? Opal. It is the opal that is called the 21st anniversary of joint life.

Opal symbolizes loyalty, it is a sign of devotion. It is believed that wearing opals develops intuition and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Gift for the 21st anniversary of the wedding

No platitudes would not be desirable, but ... time goes by, and 21 years together is a sign. In this wise age, you will be treated differently to a romantic dinner. Go to a restaurant or spend time alone together, fencing off at least an evening from the world, sitting in an embrace in front of a TV with popcorn and cola - choose you.

Romance is good, but what about practicality? If your gift is used by the second half, then involuntarily he / she will remember how well you spent this day.

At 21, it is customary to give ornaments from opal, and you can find options for both your wife and your husband.

If we move away from tradition and think about practical andinteresting gifts, then you can come up with other options. The wife can give something like a chocolate fountain, it will be a pleasure to gladden the eye. Also suitable home appliances that save time in the kitchen (dishwasher, microwave oven, etc.) or personal care products (manicure set, makeup kit, etc.) will also suit you. My husband will advise something simpler, like a man. For example, a DVD player, a video recorder or a navigator in a car, a man will appreciate this step very high.

So we found out which wedding is 21 years old. I wish you happiness, and see you again!

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