The look of a guy on a girl can not onlyto please and embarrass her, but also to frighten or enrage. If a guy looks at you, analyze what this young man might want from you. Think, maybe you want to meet him, and he wants the same.

What a guy wants if he looks at you

  • If a guy looks at you point-blank, without looking away, even when you look at him, then he obviously is looking for communication with you, wants to get acquainted.
  • If a guy looks at you from time to time and immediately turns his eyes away when he catches your look back, it speaks of sympathy for you, interest, and also about his shyness.
  • When a guy not only looks at you playfullook, but also smiles, winks, it is worthwhile to observe, it is not to all the girls who he gives such attention signs. Maybe he's just a ladies' man and a womanizer?
  • If you notice the haughty look of a guy who raised his head high, assesses you, remember, did you already meet, did you always do well with him.

How to get acquainted if a guy looks at you

So, you're shy and afraid to come and talk first. Look what to do if a guy looks at you.

  • First, smile at the guy when he looks atyou. Maybe one of your smile will be a signal of reciprocity for him and he will come to you. Do not look straight and smile, so as not to embarrass the humble guy. Look at him in return, smile, take your eyes, then look at him again, smile and take your eyes.
  • There is another option of what to do ifthe guy looks, but does not fit. Go past him with a pile of books or notebooks, drop them as if by accident. This will push him to help you and talk. Be sure to smile at him.
  • If you are not from the shy, but still afraid to make a mistake in his intentions at your expense, use social networks. Write him a simple message on the Internet, asking how things are.
  • If you have a mutual acquaintance, ask him about something from them. Let them later tell him that you were interested in them from them. He will understand that his sympathy is mutual.
  • For courageous girls the next way to get acquainted is suitable. When he looks at you, pass by, smile and say "Hello!". The main thing, say clearly, cheerfully and loudly, do not mumble to yourself.

And if a guy who does not look at you looks at youlike, and you are annoyed by this whole situation, you can just not pay attention to it. He gets tired of provoking you, and you get rid of the annoying admirer.

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