Long since the eyes are considered a mirror of the soul. The eyes can easily understand what a person feels, feel his emotions, his state of mind.

In love, the eyes are not just an organ, they are a meanscommunication. In the life of every girl, it happened that the guy looks straight in the eyes and you can learn more from his look than from words. Eyes - accurately convey the relationship to each other, especially when the look of lovers intersects. But, nevertheless, let's try to figure out why the guy looks into the eyes.

The reasons why a guy looks into the eyes of a girl

There are several reasons for this. The main rule that any girl should learn is that a guy will never look into a girl's eyes if she is not interested in him. So, if you caught the look of a man, you are interested in him. Also, most likely, before you are male male, conqueror and ladies' man, and you are the object of his thoughtful game. Do not take your eyes off, let them look, and you consider your further behavior. If the guy on the other hand, looks straight in the eyes and does not even think to blink - this is a strong man who knows his own worth, most likely he chooses his next bitch. And only if you are a strong woman, you will be able to keep such a guy, but if you keep your eye on him - there are chances.

It happens that a guy looks intently into the eyes soit's strong that it's terrifying. Do not be scared, do not turn away, maybe that's what love looks like at first sight. If you have achieved such a sincere male look, then he has confidence in you, interest and does not consider it necessary to hide these feelings.

In addition, if a man fixed his fervent gazein your bottomless eyes, then he has already examined all the other parts of your body. Believe me, this is a very good sign, which says that you are interested in him more than a girl for the evening.

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