For an adult person, and maybe evenelderly, the question of what to do on the first date, is not worth it. They already had a lot of dates, so the necessary experience for pleasant meetings has already been accumulated. Be yourself and "do not bother" - says the youth. Is it so? What can I do to make my first date go well?

If you can - joke! If not, conduct a dialogue. Talk less about yourself. Tactively ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. After all, any of us is pleased to talk about the most important person in the world (about yourself-beloved).

If your task is to please (and this, rather,all, so it is), your main weapon - sincere compliments. Have praised a hairdress, kurtochku, a make up, a gait ... Yes it is not important that. The main thing is to make it clear that you noticed this, and you are pleased that the girl was preparing to meet you.

Lightness in everything: in words and deeds; in what to talk about and how. Do not be afraid to seem awkward! Let it be seen that you are trying. It's nice. And it will be appreciated.

Where to go on a first date

It means - what to do. After all, you can not go anywhere, but just sit and chat in a nearby park. To look at each other, to look into each other's eyes, to feel the energy of a person. And to understand: "mine is not mine ..."

And yet, prepare for the first dateis necessary. Take a shower, shave, put on clean, ironed clothes. Sometimes such seemingly trivial things can spoil the first impression of you. As you know, you can not fix it.

What to do on a first date is an important question. It's better to plan it yourself. Only then do you know with whom you are going on a date, given the tastes and preferences of a partner, it is simply necessary.

Inviting a girl somewhere, and not asking: "Where are we going?", You will show your independence. Women do not like men-nedotep, for every trifle asking advice. And the moment of surprise is pleasant!

But do not make mistakes, relying only on your owndesires ... This is important. After all, you must agree, you should not invite a vegetarian to friends for shish kebabs, but a person who is indifferent to animals - to the zoo, extreme sports - to the cinema, a fan of modern painting - to the water park, and the quiet and cowardly - to ride a paraglider.

Who should pay at the restaurant, cafe? If you invited, then you. Although a woman can wish herself to pay dinner. And she should not be hindered in this.

What should I do after my first date? Call! Write a bunch of SMS! Send flowers! ... Or forget. Delete the phone number. Tell yourself: "It's not mine ... So what? I still have my half waiting for me, and I'll definitely meet her."

And you can just stay friends. And what - is also an option ...

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