Flirtation is a form of behavior aimed atattracting the attention of the opposite sex. Representatives of the fair sex often use methods of flirting unconsciously. A woman gives non-verbal signals to a man that he is interesting to her. To seduce, you need a sincere smile, self-confidence, the ability to own your body. Let's try to answer a question that worries many girls: how to flirt with a guy?

  • Self-evaluation. To flirt was successful, in the first place you need to be confident in yourself and your female attractiveness. If you fall in love with yourself, others will love you. A confident woman has a great attraction for the stronger sex.
  • Repetition. If you seriously think about how to learn to flirt with guys, then an ordinary full-length mirror will help you. Imagine how you will flirt: how to stand, how to look, what will be the inclination of the head and so on. Experiment before the mirror. Remember the poses and facial expressions that you liked, and in which you looked particularly advantageous. Later, you can apply your experience to a real man.
  • Sight. A dark fascinating look will drive any man crazy. Hold your eye on the man you like for 7-10 seconds. Then smile and take your eyes. Repeat this procedure several times. Your view should not remain on the guy's face only: let your eyes drop and lower down your body. This kind of sight has the corresponding name "intimate".
  • Smile. A charming smile on her lips makes the girl even more attractive. Smile as often as possible, and not only when you flirt! A smile shows the man that he likes you, that you approve of his behavior and are ready to make contact.
  • Do not wear a mask. Men well feel falsehood and pretense. So try to be yourself, do not play someone's role. Sincerity, relaxedness, natural behavior - that's what will help you find the way to the man's heart.
  • Keep interest. If you have a conversation, then try to support him with leading questions or comments. But do not babble yourself without interruption. Men love when they are carefully listened to and admired by their intellect. You must show interest in his speech by nodding your head, facial expressions, a light touch to the shoulder or elbow. Smiles and laughter are also good here - they will help you to quickly get close to a person.
  • Mirroring. Psychologists, when talking about how to flirt with a guy, is often recommended to use a reception mirror. It consists in unobtrusively copying the facial expressions, gestures and poses of the partner. He scratched his forehead, and you scratch, he put his hand on the table, and you do the same. This technique will help you tune in to the wave of the interlocutor. However, do not repeat the movement immediately - it will look comical. It would be ideal to adjust to his breathing, that is, to breathe in one rhythm, but this is not always easy to do. If you succeed, you will become desirable and irresistible.
  • Language of the body. We already talked about looks and a smile. When flirting is important, so is the position of the head. A slight tilt of the head to the side, a look from behind the shoulder is always present in the arsenal of the seductress. The views of men are always attracted by slender female legs. Wear skirts and black stockings and high-heeled shoes. If you do not like skirts, then tight jeans. For men, the pose is very attractive when a woman is sitting on her leg, especially if she is in stockings. Subconsciously I want to see more. Young people consider it more tempting, when a girl is not tightly moving her legs, but will set her feet a distance no more than 15 cm. When a person is interested, his body is turned towards the object of interest. Use this technique to show the man your willingness to make contact. Avoid negative body signals: cross arms and legs, frowning, etc.
  • Makeup. For seduction, a beautiful make-up of the eyes "smokey ais", but special attention should be given to the lips. The most attractive lips for men are wet, scarlet, full, they symbolize youth and sexuality. Use the lip gloss and lipstick of a red or scarlet shade.

Here are the basic rules that will help you understand how to flirt with a guy, and find your unique way of seduction!

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