Travel is one of the things of life thatit is necessary to carry out on a maximum for that time which to us is allocated. You must necessarily look at the planet on which you live. You need to know a lot about your native land, and about the lands located thousands of kilometers from your house. Let's see where you can go to a citizen of the Russian Federation without applying for a visa. So:

Where does not need a visa for Russians?

Here is a list of countries in which visa-free travel is in effect. It acts either temporarily or permanently:

  • Albania. The height of the tourist season.
  • Peru
  • Turkey
  • Croatia. The height of the tourist season.
  • Macedonia. Temporarily.
  • Chile
  • Guyana
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • Madagascar
  • Mariana Islands
  • Hong Kong
  • Serbia
  • Guatemala
  • Bahamas
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Venezuela
  • Nicaragua
  • Vietnam
  • Bahrain
  • Montenegro
  • Israel
  • Ecuador
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Costa Rica
  • Philippines
  • Thailand

This list is complete and relevant for today. That's where you do not need a visa for Russians.

As we said before, you need tovisit a lot for your life. But what about the career and the family? Many ask this question, however, somewhere deep down inside they are sure that they want to travel. Many people feel this need within themselves, but not many recognize it.

Travel is a difficult business. Not only is it very costly. Many people do not go anywhere because of a lack of material opportunities. This goes without saying, because you still need to somehow live at home, rent or pay for housing, to feed and dress. Feed and clothe your family.

But still you need to find a place in your life fortravel. A person who is wherever he is and is going to visit, grows morally in front of his eyes. He becomes an interesting interlocutor and his stories amuse our imagination. Many romantics dream of such work, which would be connected with travel. For example, sailors are many where. However, are there many of them who really appreciate it? We are afraid that there are not many such people. Being on a working trip, sometimes, there's just no time to stop for a second and think about it. To feel yourself in a place where you have never been before is a feeling that costs all costs. It pays for them with interest.

Travel, dear reader, be interested inby what is around you. In the journey you will make new friends and a lot of vivid impressions that will live in your memory for a long time. Now you know where you do not need a visa for Russians.

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