The beautiful kingdom of Thailand and beckonstourists with the beauty of their resorts, paradise islands and the historical capital - Bangkok. But there is one thing to choose, so many tourists are serious about deciding where to stay in Thailand.

Where is the best place to rest in Thailand for amateurs of entertainment

Let's first talk about incendiary islandsThailand. Of course, this is the island of Ko Phangan, where tourists are sure to take part in an amazing Full Moon Party. It takes place on the island every month. The scale of the party is simply amazing, because it involves just thousands of people from around the world!

The Pattaya Resort is an ideal place forfascinating holiday with a lot of entertainment! Indescribable beaches occupy the entire coast of Pattaya. Lazing on a day in the paradise of sand, at night you will plunge completely into another world. It was his nightlife that Pattaya deserved such popularity among tourists. And on Woking Street at night, anyone will find a lot of sex entertainment.

On the first or last day of the trip we advisebe sure to visit the capital of Thailand _ Bangkok. This is a real well of historical monuments of architecture. Tour of Bangkok will include various attractions, including the monastery Wat Pho, which is known for the statue of the Reclining Buddha. This statue is the largest Buddha image in this pose. And very close to Wat Pho is the temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is considered the main sacred place in Thailand.

Where to have a rest in Thailand

Among the islands for a quiet and peaceful holidaythe island of Koh Samet is best suited. It has almost no entertainment industry, but a connoisseur of virgin nature can enjoy the view of untouched forests, rich flora and fauna.

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