Thailand is a fabulous country, attracting people withall over the world, and, of course, one of the most popular countries among Russian tourists. The prices of most Asian countries are much lower than in the west, including in Russia.

Thailand is no exception, although it is somewhat more expensive than many Asian countries, especially in tourist areas.

Thailand: the cost of vacation

Going to Thailand for the first time or after a long absence of vacation, you may have a natural question: how much money to take to Thailand?

The Thai government set a minimumthe cash needed to enter the country and it is $ 700 per person or $ 1,500 per family. In fact, the availability of funds from tourists is very rarely checked, but since this sometimes happens, it is advisable to have an account statement at the entrance where it is reported that the necessary amount is available in any currency.

In fact, the amount of travel expenses in Thailand depends on your personal tastes and preferences and can amount to both a much smaller and larger amount.

Rental Property

Housing prices vary greatly, it dependsBoth from the place of residence, and from the type of real estate and the level of comfort. After some searches, you can find a room in the guest house in the area of ​​6000 baht per month, or stay in a high-class hotel or rent a mansion for 50,000 baht per day. But you can focus on the amount of 10,000 - 20,000 baht.


The cost of food is a significant partprovided that you are not going to cook yourself or eat one fruit. Three meals a day in local cafes will come out on average about 10-20 thousand baht per month per person. But here too much depends on you, and there is both the opportunity to save, and to clear up.

Rent of vehicles

In some areas of Thailand, you can rent a bicycle, it will cost about 100 baht per day.

Rent a scooter will cost about 200-300 baht for one day, a motorcycle costs three times as much.

Car hire is widely available. Prices can range from 700 to several thousand baht per day. In addition, you should take care of the mortgage, which may amount to 10 thousand baht.

Traditional transport, such as tuk-tuk, inthe last time has ceased to be a cheap pleasure and a not so long trip can cost a few hundred baht, so it's better to negotiate a price on the shore or rent a vehicle if you plan to travel a lot on the beaches and visit the sights.


The prices for excursions vary very much and in different regions it is better to look in advance at the prices for interesting excursions in the place where you are going.

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