Tenerife is the largest and at the same timeThe most popular island among the famous Canary Islands. This Spanish treasure attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. The island of Tenerife is called the island of eternal spring. All the year round the island has a comfortable temperature, which does not seem too heavy for those who can not stand the heat and at the same time prefers warmth. In this article we will consider how much to fly to Tenerife from Moscow and other cities.

Flight from Moscow

The flight from Moscow to Tenerife will take about 7hours. It is important to consider when choosing flights the fact that the number of flights depends on the season and airlines. In April, the regular sending of aircraft to Tenerife by Aeroflot begins. The flight is on Tuesdays and Fridays. From April to October, Transaero begins regular passenger transportation on the same days. If you want to go to Tenerife in the winter, then know that these companies reduce their traffic for the period from November to March. You can fly only on Friday.

Flight from St. Petersburg

Fly from St. Petersburg to Tenerife will havealso 7 hours. Flights are provided by the company "Russia" from May to October. Departure takes place from Pulkovo Airport on Mondays, and also on Friday. You can get to Tenerife with transfers in various European cities. Just like in the case of a flight from Moscow, you will be approached, Paris, Berlin, Vienna.

Flight from Ekaterinburg

If you want to fly fromEkaterinburg, then to Tenerife you will have to fly 9 hours. The flights are provided by the company "Transaero" usually on Fridays. However, flights take place only from May to October. The transplant can be carried out in Berlin, Helsinki, Madrid and Rome.

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