Egypt is one of the most populartourist destinations among Russian tourists. Many choose Egyptian resorts because of the low cost of permits. Someone is attracted to the waters of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. The center of tourist rest on the Red Sea is the city of Hurghada. It is here that most tourists come from all over the world. About how much to fly to Hurghada from Russia, we will talk about this article.

From Moscow

To begin with, we will provide information on how muchfly Moscow - Hurghada flight. At the moment from Moscow you can fly to Hurghada daily by Transaero Airlines. The journey time is 4 hours 45 minutes. The schedule is as follows:

  • Mon: 11:10 - 14:55 from Domodedovo;
  • Tues: 8:00 - 11:45 from Vnukovo;
  • Compare: 9:40 - 13:25 from Vnukovo;
  • Th: 8:55 - 12:40 from Vnukovo;
  • Fri .: 9:20 - 13:05 from Vnukovo;
  • Sat: 9:40 - 13:25 from Vnukovo;
  • Su: 9:20 - 13:05 from Domodedovo.

Also, you can fly daily on a charter flight N4-1903 Moscow-Hurghada airline Nord Wind from Sheremetyevo. Time of departure: 09:30, arrival time: 13:20.

You can fly flights and other airlines, but in this case you will need to additionally specify the schedule.

From other cities

You can fly to Hurghada from many major airports of our country. In summer, during the holiday season, as well as during the New Year holidays, many companies launch flights designed exclusively for tourists.

  • From St. Petersburg direct flights to Hurghadaare made from the airport Pulkovo-1. Flights: N4 1975 to Nord Wind company (journey time: 5h 35 min.), U6 3407 to Ural Airlines (5 hours 5 minutes).
  • From Novosibirsk flies only 1 direct flight on Wednesdays, 5:30 - 9:25 (travel time - 7 hours 55 minutes)
  • From Tyumen: flight UN 9683 from the airport Roshchino. The journey time is 6 hours 15 minutes.
  • From Ekaterinburg: from Koltsovo flight U6 3759 05:45 - 08:45 on Wednesdays (en route - 6 hours) and flight UN 949: Fri. 09:10 - 12:05, cf. 09:00 - 11:55, Mon. 16:55 - 19:50 (on the way - 5 hours 55 minutes).
  • From Kazan: flight UN 9649 of Transaero Airlines - 5 hours 10 minutes, flight R2 7554 of Orenburg Airlines - 5 hours.

For communication with relatives who have a rest at the resort, it will be useful for you to study the article How to call to Egypt.

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