A holiday at sea for every person is welcome. And when it comes to departing, the question often arises, what to take with you to the sea?

In this article we will consider what is really necessary for every person who is going to go to rest on the sea.


It is recommended to take with them not only the lungsthings, but also warmer, since the weather at sea can be quite changeable. And if the day was hot, then it is quite possible that by evening it can sharply get colder. Therefore, along with t-shirts, shorts and bathing suits, take pants and a light sweater or a windbreaker. In addition, grab a T-shirt that will protect your shoulders from burning.

Be sure to bring not only slippers, but also sneakers or sneakers, if you are going on a trip to the mountains, or to the beach leads a rocky path.

At sea, you must take your headgear with you. It can be a regular cap, a panama or a hat. Remember that the risk of sunstroke in a sunbather is quite large.

Technics for communication

Do not forget to bring your mobile phone andCharger. It will be great if it has a shock-resistant case or a protective cover that will protect the device from bumps. Remember that on vacation it is important to stay in touch. After all, it is possible that you will get lost. If you do not have a smartphone, then take the navigator with you.


Even if you are absolutely sure that nothingDo not take place on vacation, be sure to bring along medicines. Of the fixed assets it is recommended to take the following: pills for headache, packing of plaster, ointment for healing wounds and cuts, cotton wool and bandage, activated charcoal, anesthetic, disinfectant.

Means of personal hygiene and cosmetic

  • Going to the sea, you need not forget about sunscreen.
  • Take also sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright sunlight.
  • Girls are not recommended to take a foundation or powder. After all, these funds will clog the pores, because of what the skin will begin to sweat.
  • It will be useful moisturizing cream for the body, so that the skin does not dry from salt water and sun.
  • From personal care products, you should also take a towel for the shower and for the beach. Do not prevent wet wipes and cotton swabs.
  • Also bring your scissors with you.

Other things

  • A very useful thing may be a simpleflashlight. Of course, now many smartphones and phones are equipped with a built-in flashlight function, but remember that their charge can be very limited. Therefore, a flashlight that does not take a lot of space, yet it is recommended to take with you - suddenly you have to get somewhere in the dark?
  • Do not forget to bring with you something from food and water - during a flight or a long trip they will be useful.
  • You can take a penknife with you, but if you're going to fly abroad, put it in your luggage, because take with you into hand luggage cutting agents can not.
  • Finally, always and everywhere, as you know, you needtake money with you. It is better not to put all the money in one place, distribute them to the pockets of the bag and luggage, and put some money in a small purse that you can wear on your belt.
  • Of course, take documents proving your identity.
  • Camera and video camera, if your phone does not have a shooting function (or shooting is of poor quality).

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