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Lviv: what to see?

To get new impressions, not necessarilygo to overseas countries. More and more people prefer rest in Russia and the CIS. For example, the city of Lviv, whose sights are known far beyond Ukraine, are visited by thousands of tourists annually. Ancient Lviv is called the city of artisans and kings, eastern Paris, and also the western capital of Ukraine.

The city is famous not only for its numerous monuments of architecture, but also for its national cultural traditions. Therefore, those who come to Lviv, there is always something to see.

What to see in Lviv

The main sights of the city of Lvivlocated in the center. You can start acquaintance with the city from the Market Square, with which its history is inextricably linked. Each of the houses, located in a small area, has

own legend and artistic image. Real architectural pearls and pride of the townspeople are the Renaissance buildings "Black Stone" and "Kornyakt Palace". No less popular is the "Italian Courtyard", where you can enjoy historical sights with a cup of coffee.

In the square is the Town Hall building, from the tower of which one can enjoy the beauty of the ancient city. In the town hall you can see the mechanism of some of the oldest in Vienna watches.

Theater of Opera and Ballet. FROM. Krushelnytska, built in the Neo-Renaissance style, is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Its construction began in 1897 and lasted 3 years. The facade of the building is decorated with a rich sculptural decoration, and for decoration of the interior used gold, colored marble, painting and sculpture. No less beautiful is the Prospect of Freedom, on which the theater is located. The modern and prestigious street is the business and cultural center of Lviv.

A special place in the architectural heritage of Lviv is occupied by cathedrals.

  • Lviv
    Latin - a temple with elements of Gothic, Baroque. At the temple, 8 chapels are built, including the famous Chapel of the Kampians;
  • Dominican - a cathedral in the form of a cross with a central part of the oval shape and a huge elliptical dome is one of the best baroque sights of Lviv;
  • Cathedral of St. Yura - the main shrine of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, it houses the Miraculous Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the 17th century.

More than thirty museums, castles, monasteries, parks are not all interesting places in Lviv. If you want to see them with your own eyes, find out how to get to Lviv.

What to visit in Lviv

In addition to historical and cultural monuments, guests of the city practically throughout the year have the opportunity to attend various festivals and celebrations.

  1. "Golden Lion" - an international festival of theater experiment, was founded in 1992.
  2. "Ethnovir" is the largest folklore festival in Ukraine, in which collectives from more than 10 countries take part.
  3. Festival of beer - acquaintance with the culture of beer consumption, history
    brewing, traditional and modern technologies of creating a drink.
  4. The Festival of Easter eggs is the creation and sale of Easter eggs in order to popularize the Easter traditions.
  5. "Weathercocks of Lviv" is a non-standard ethno-jazz festival, which is held in the ancient courtyard of the Town Hall.
  6. Holiday coffee "On coffee in Lviv" - the program includes a coffee fair, theatrical performances, music and film screenings.
  7. The holiday of cheese and wine - acquaintance with the culture of cheese making and winemaking, tasting of different kinds of cheese and wine, fairs, competitions, concerts of folklore music.
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