Nowadays, not all citizens of Russia can go to Ukraine, and even without taking into account the list of persons who have become non-entry to the neighboring state, including artists and other public figures.

For ordinary citizens there are also restrictions, and we will talk about them below.

Who can cross the border?

In connection with the political situation in Ukrainethe country's leadership forbids entry to the territory of the state for men aged 16 to 60 years. However, the border guards have an instruction to disassemble each case individually, and if the person has a valid reason, travel is still permitted.

For valid reasons are:

  • death and serious illness of relatives;
  • the need to cross the border in connection with work or business;
  • transit through the territory of the country to other European countries.

Conditions for travel to the territory of Ukraine for women and children have not changed at the moment, however, if possible, it is better to refrain from traveling.

At the post you may be required to provethe need for entry: a tourist permit, a copy of the death certificate; certificate of illness, migration card or driver's checklist. Take care of the documents in advance.

How and where to cross the border with Ukraine


The safest way to travel -by plane to Kiev. In airspace, you are protected from battles taking place on the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions. It is advisable to choose regular flights, in contrast to the charter time their movement is approved on both sides, so problems should arise.

Freight and passenger transport

Through the checkpoint Novoazovsk continuethe movement of a column of trucks and cars. At the same time, shooting in this area is audible quite often, so there is a risk of being in the war zone, especially at night. In the afternoon the route is quite safe.

Crossing the border cars with Russian numbers in other places is not recommended, the situation in the country is very tense, so it's better not to take risks.

A train

Railway transport continues to runacross the border of two states. The time of crossing the border points, of course, increased, but this option remains safer, as the trains are not subjected to shelling.

Illegal travel

Every day militias of Donetsk and Lugansk regions organize corridors along which it is possible to cross the border. Use this method is very risky for two reasons:

  1. The situation in the region is constantly changing, and the territories are constantly moving from one enemy to another.
  2. If illegals fall into the hands of the Ukrainian position, they face a criminal case and subsequent punishment.

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