The capital and largest city of Sweden is Stockholm inend of the last century was named the cultural capital of the world. This fact already speaks in favor of the fact that this city requires special attention and it has a lot of interesting and unique. In Stockholm, there are so many attractions and beautiful places that you will have to prolong your vacation so you can see everything at least once. In the article we will tell you what to look in Stockholm necessarily.

The main sights of Stockholm

Although the metro of the Swedish capital is a separate landmark, you should still travel by city on buses or trams to be able to see it in all its glory.

Tourists are primarily attracted to the old townGamla-Stan. There you can see the Royal Palace and the adjacent to it the so-called Treasury and the Armory. In addition, in this area there are the Knight's House and the Nobel Museum, which you should visit without fail.

The banks of the Norrmalm district are famous for their ancienthouses and interesting architectural buildings, and the island of Sheppsholmen - a huge number of museums. Among them the most famous are the Architectural Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, which will subdue true admirers of painting.

In the southern part of the Swedish capital is locatedEntertainment complex with the "Ball of Eriksson", which is a huge spherical structure. In a large glass gondola you can climb to the very top of this ball. In five minutes walk is the Globen metro station (in translation - "ball"), so it's not difficult to get to it, but you will get an unforgettable experience.

In the vicinity of Stockholm you should definitely see the 18th-century parks of Albano, Hagaparken and Frescati, as well as visit the island of Bjerke with the famous city of Vikings - Birka.

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