Netherlands (they are Netherlands) all over the worldare famous first of all for their free attitude to the so-called "easy" drugs. However, the capital of the country is also an extremely interesting tourist city. The abundance of interesting places makes travelers make a list of what to see in Amsterdam in advance, and plot the route to not miss anything.

Five places to be visited

  1. Royal Palace. Enter inside only if in this time there are no official receptions: the residence is valid, and the affairs of the state - first of all. Located in the heart of the city, on Dam Square.
  2. Nieuw-Kirk. The church with the most famous wooden organ, on which images of Justice, Hope, Mercy, Faith and for some reason Thrift are carved. It is located not far from the palace, in Dam Park.
  3. Historical Museum. Unlike most similar institutions in other countries and cities, it is very unusual, in the form of a set of yards and houses. In addition, there is a wooden map of Amsterdam and you can ring bells. Address: Kalverstraat, 92.
  4. Flower market. As you remember, Holland is the birthplace of tulips. But other flowers are in high esteem. Interesting and its location - on barges on the channel Zingel. A flower in a pot or a bulb can become a very good souvenir, just ask the seller if they are allowed to be exported.
  5. And, of course, the Museum of hashish and marijuana - it is necessaryto pay tribute to the generally accepted opinion. It should be noted, a very interesting, unusual and rich exposition. You can see it at: Oudezijds Achterburgwal, 148 (Red Light District).

Additional Interest

Holland is famous not only for the fact that marijuanafreely sold, but also an easy attitude towards sex. Therefore (if you travel without children), you can visit the world-famous Red Lanterns District with the only prostitute monument in the world and the Erotic Museum (Oudezijds Achterburgwal, 54). And fans of art will be interested in the Rembrandt House Museum along Jodenbreestraat Street, 4, and the Van Gogh Museum on the Museum Square.

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