Sanatorium is a place where you can not onlyrelax and have a good time, but also get better. Get a ticket to the sanatorium can be in the trade union organization of a state enterprise or purchase it from a tour operator. To make the trip as comfortable as possible, you need to think in advance what you need to take to a sanatorium, and without which you can do without.

List of necessary things

There is a list of things that need to be taken with you regardless of the season and category of the sanatorium:

  1. Documentation: passport for an adult and a birth certificate for a child under 14 years old, an insurance medical policy, a health card (issued at the polyclinic no more than 2 months before arrival), a voucher, medical documents (an outpatient card, results of tests, more than 1 month). The child still needs a vaccination card and a certificate of the epidemiological environment.
  2. Medicines. People suffering from any chronic diseases should take care of the availability of necessary medicines for the duration of their stay in the sanatorium. In addition, it will not be superfluous to stock up on essential medicines for various cases: painkillers for internal and external use, antiviral drugs, allergy medications, medicines for digestive system disorders, antiseptics for the treatment of abrasions and cuts, bandages, bandages. Buy only proven medications on the road and do not forget to take instructions to them.
  3. Means of personal hygiene: oral care products, wet and paper napkins, intimate hygiene products, cotton-hygienic products, shower products. Do not be superfluous and a couple of towels for visiting the beach, pool or water treatments.
  4. Clothes and shoes. Several sets of underwear, clothes for sleep, a robe or comfortable clothes for relaxing in the room, a sports suit for sports, beach accessories, saunas, swimming pools, a practical set of clothes for walking and sightseeing, as well as an outfit for cultural recreation - this necessary minimum of clothes. Shoes need to take at least 4 pairs: rubber slates, slippers, sneakers, model shoes.
  5. Equipment. Without a mobile phone, now no one manages, so do not forget to take to him a charger, possibly a spare battery and a memory card. To capture the pleasant moments of rest a camera is useful. A tablet or netbook will help keep in touch with friends on the Internet or enjoy your favorite movie. Women, for sure, useful hair dryer.
  6. Useful little things. Even with modern gadgets, you might need a notebook and pen. Having a mug and a kettle, you can enjoy hot tea or coffee at any time. A small folding knife will also be needed in different situations. For night walks through the forest or the seashore a flashlight is useful.

What to take to a sanatorium at different times of the year

If the sanatorium is located on the seashore, it is worthtake care of beach accessories: sunglasses and cream, pareo, headdress, mat or towel. To protect the premises from mosquitoes you need a fumigator and repellent. Even in the summer, you need to take some warm things to the sanatorium in case of bad weather.

In winter, you need to stock up on warm clothes and shoes to be able to go for walks or practice winter sports without harm to your health.

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