From the Leningrad station in the capital of our countrytrains are sent to many Russian regions, as well as abroad, for example, in Helsinki. The station has 10 tracks, five of which are for long-distance trains, and 110 pairs of electric trains are also served.

From our article you will learn how to get to the Leningrad station.

We go by metro

Leningradskiy railway station is located onKomsomolskaya square. Nearby is the metro station "Komsomolskaya" (along the Koltsevo and Sokolnicheskaya lines). Accordingly, you need to get on one of these lines and only then get to the desired station. In addition, to get to the Leningrad station from any airport in the capital, you can use the bus service, which is established just fine. Let's talk about this in more detail.

From Sheremetyevo

To the metro station "Rechnoy Vokzal" you will reachbuses 851, 851E or by shuttle bus number 949. After that, get down in the metro and go to the station "Belorusskaya" on the Circle line, along which you will already reach Komsomolskaya. To the metro station "Planernaya" there is a bus №817 and a minibus 948. From Planernaya we go to the station Barrikadnaya, then we change to Krasnopresnenskaya, and then we go to the Ring line.

Several special Aeroexpress buses leave from several terminals, which follow to Belorussky railway station, and there you can easily get to Komsomolskaya station from Belorusskaya.

From Vnukovo

From this airport depart buses 611, 611C and bus number 45, which reach the station "Yugo-Zapadnaya", and from there you can already reach Komsomolskaya in a straight line.

Aeroexpress "reaches the Kiev station, fromwhich through the metro "Kievskaya" is easy to get to the station "Komsomolskaya" on the already familiar line. If you need to find out how to get to Kievsky Station by various means of transport, we recommend you read the article How to get to Kievsky railway station.

From Domodedovo

The airport is constantly leaving the bus number 30, onwhich you need to go to the station "Domodedovskaya", then you need to go to the station "Paveletskaya" and go to the Ring Line, and along it you already reach Komsomolskaya. Or you can take the Aeroexpress train to Paveletsky Station, thence to Komsomolskaya by metro.

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