If you want to see all the beauty of the northRussia, then one of the best places for recreation is Irkutsk. This city, built in the 17th century, is famous for its history. It does not matter if you come with family or in a noisy company of friends, you can visit all the sights of Irkutsk and have a great time.

Where to rest in Irkutsk

First, it is necessary to start from your own preferences and the number of people with you. Especially it concerns the recreation of a large company of youth.


So, where you can go to Irkutsk, if youlove active vacations by a big company? One of the most fun and interesting places is the Highway Karting Club. Tracks built specifically for racing on maps - low-set machines with simple controls, are fenced. In addition to the competition between you and your friends, the club holds a variety of events and competitions between other visitors. Thus, you can arrange a full-scale race. The club is located on the boulevard Ryabikov, 96.


The next amusement for a big companyis bowling. You can book tracks for yourself and your friends at the 7 Mile entertainment center. Also in bowling you can play in the club "Strike", where besides billiards there is air hockey, billiards. And for fans of dances and culinary gourmets - a disco and a cafe.

Paintball and laser tag

If you are full of energy and excitement, you can play paintball. One of the clubs where you can play this game on special routes is "Base 38".

There is also a more exotic kind of games with shooting -this is a laser tag. In it, instead of bullet balls, lasers are used. In the club you can specify the type of "battle" - command, or calculated for two. The game is accompanied by a special costume, which is sometimes worth getting used to start playing well.

The club is located on the street. Lermontov, 261a.

Where to go to Irkutsk with your family

If you have come as a couple, or as a family, then you should pay attention to a more cultural, classical scenario.


Then for you the best theaters in Irkutsk. If you want to visit musical productions, then it is best to visit the State Musical Theater. Zagursky. The theater staged ballets "The Nutcracker" and other musical and theatrical works. There is a theater on the street. Sedov, 29.

If you want to see classicaldramatic performances, it is worth to visit the Academic Drama Theater. The performances here are shown both from classical drama and more modern interpretations. Visit the theater can be on the street. Karl Marx, 14.

Galleries and museums

Fans of painting can enjoy this art, coming to the art galleries of the city.

The most interesting exhibitions are held in the House of the artist, located on the street. Karl Marx, 38. This gallery has the best collection of paintings by famous local and Russian artists.

If you want to see more complete expositions,it is worth to visit the Art Museum. Sukachev. Here are exhibited not only paintings, but also sculpture and objects of decorative and applied art of the region. Also there are expositions, which are brought by other museums, patrons, timed to certain events.

There is a museum on the street. Lenin, 5.


If you are not an adherent of spending time in museums and exhibitions, then you can visit the cinemas of the city.

One of the best cinemas in Irkutsk "Barguzin"located on the street. Baikal, 107. Here are shown the latest new blockbusters, comedy movies and romantic films. If you have a family vacation, then it's better to watch animated cartoons - they will entertain both adults and children. And before the session you can spend time in the cinema cafeteria, or play on the slot machines with the children.


Also one of the most interesting places for familieswith children there will be a nerpinarium. This is a swimming pool with trained Baikal seals. You can watch an interesting show program and take a picture with animals. Located nerpinarium in the street. 2nd railway, 66.

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