Every person had situations whenbought a thing of leather was too small and created discomfort. A striking example of this is leather shoes, which, after a rather short time after buying, began to rub the corns. Yes, the sensations are not very pleasant and definitely do not enthrall. However, there is a way out of this situation. Any skin is stretched. And in this way you can make your leather products very comfortable. So, the article will consider how to stretch the skin.

There are a lot of methods of stretching the skin. Stretch the skin with the help of special equipment, alcohol, temperature treatment, oil.

How can I stretch the skin

It is worth noting that they distinguish natural skin andartificial skin. What is the natural skin, you do not need to give any additional explanations. And artificial leather is made of fabric and on top of this fabric the manufacturer applies special spraying. The stretching of the artificial skin means stretching the fibers of the tissue. Almost all of the fibers of the fabric under tension are destroyed, and as a result, a break occurs.

Therefore, if we answer the question of how to stretchartificial skin, you can safely say that it is almost impossible. At best, the artificial skin will lose its appearance, and at worst it will simply burst.

Learning to stretch the natural skin

  1. The same skin can be stretched, as you wish. The best way to stretch the skin is to use special equipment. The method consists in stretching the skin under the influence of extraneous force. Further, after stretching, its position is fixed and remains for a certain period of time.
  2. At home, you can take advantage ofdifferent ways. The whole point of stretching the skin is to soften and stretch it, or post it during the move. So the skin is soaked in alcohol, or treated with camphor oil. The skin softens, and then it is stretched. If it's shoes, then put on your feet woolen socks and just walk for some time around the apartment. Also, after processing leather shoes with oil or alcohol, you can fill it with a lot of paper. This paper in the literal sense will unclench shoes from the inside.
  3. Here is another piece of advice on how to stretch the naturalskin. You can use the properties of water. You need to put water in a plastic bag. Then this package is put in shoes and all this goes together to the freezer. Water freezes in volume and thus stretches the skin.

Now you know what to do if you need to stretch the skin. Good luck!

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