Wedding is a wonderful event in life not onlythe bride and groom, but also their closest associates. Most young couples dream of registering a marriage in the summer. This is a great time to relax, for a photo and for a honeymoon. The first thing about what many think, let that future newly-married couple or invited, - what to put on wedding in the summer? In the winter, this issue does not cause so much confusion, as the outer clothing in any case will protect against weather troubles. And the climate in the premises is almost the same. But in summer you need to think about the outfit so that it's not hot on a sunny day and not to freeze, if it rains. It should also be noted that during the day the air temperature is also very noticeably changing.

What to wear to the wedding of a man

Men are much easier to decide on a choice. It's going to be a suit anyway. On a hot day, you can remove your jacket, and the solemnity of the image will not be lost. In bad weather, on the contrary, it will protect from wind and rain.

The only important aspect that should betake into account every man, especially a groom, he should be dressed in the same style with his lady. It looks very nice in the photo, and everyone immediately becomes aware that this couple is together.

The groom should, naturally, give more attention to his appearance than ordinary guests. The costume should be chosen with special care, and it is better to invite the stylist, so that he creates the image of the couple.

What to wear to a woman's wedding

We will not consider in detail the question of what to wearto the wedding in the summer to the bride. Naturally, it will be a dress or suit of white, cream, pink or any other color, which should immediately stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, the bride, even on a super sunny day, should provide some kind of cloak in case of bad weather, as in the summer the weather is very volatile and unpredictable.

To all women who are attracted to the beautifulcelebration should follow the main rule - do not try to look better than a bride. Therefore, it is advisable not to purchase clothes of light colors. In the summer it will be more successful to dress some light dress of bright juicy tones, in which it will be comfortable and comfortable all day. In this case, you also need to provide some bolero or stole in case of bad weather.

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