So, you decided to decorate your body with a tattoo. You go to the salon and the master paints you with the desired drawing. You are happy - now your appearance has become even more original and memorable. But what to do next? How to properly care for a tattoo, so she continued to please you and then? Caring for a tattoo is easy, you just need to follow the simple rules impeccably.

How to care for a tattoo: simple rules

  • After applying the tattoo the master will impose on yourskin special protective film. It protects the damaged skin from dirt, dust and various microbes. Keep this film no longer than 12 hours. After the time indicated by the master, remove the film and wash the skin with warm water and soap, you can be liquid. Then dry the skin with a clean towel, but do not rub, but just blot.
  • When the skin becomes dry it is necessary to applywound healing ointment: for example, D-panthenol, Bipanten or the tattoo master recommended by you. Apply a thin layer of ointment, wait until it is absorbed. Do not apply alcohol solutions. Rinse the tattoo regularly and apply ointment on the skin.
  • Do not glue the tattoo with a plaster, do notbandage - the skin should breathe. Nevertheless, the skin should be protected from dirt with the help of clothes. Clothing is better to wear from natural fabrics. Avoid synthetics - the skin will sweat in it.
  • Do not scrub, do not pick, do not rip off the crust. Let the tissues recover.
  • During healing, the tattoo can not be sunbathing (the tattoo can dull into several tones), and also heat the skin: postpone visiting the sauna, baths, solarium. Do not take hot baths.
  • For the first time, limit the exercise - during the training, the skin sweats, and this can negatively affect the healing of the tattoo.
  • A second visit to the tattoo master can be donein 7-10 days, the skin will heal a little. However, if you notice inflammation on the skin, if the tattoo "swam", then immediately contact the tattoo parlor. Some people are allergic to certain types of paint. However, it happens very rarely. The wound can also contain microbes that your body has not cared for. The wizard will help you solve this problem.

Now you know how to care for a tattoo. As you can see, nothing complicated! If you will conscientiously care for the tattoo, then in two weeks it will fully heal and you will be able to flaunt your beautiful tattoo for many more years!

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