Adjust sleep mode

The habit of going to bed after midnight and sleeping from strength of 5-6 hours does not have a good effect on appearance. For the sake of experiment, try a month to go to bed early, so that you have to sleep for at least 7 hours.

Do not use your smartphone or tablet late at night

If you are used to sleep coming flipping tapesocial networks, this tradition will have to be abandoned. Blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, as a result, the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is lost. Lack of sleep badly affects the health in general: memory worsens, attention is reduced, the immune system ceases to work at its fullest. So for a couple of hours before bedtime, clean your smartphone out of sight.

Buy earplugs and a mask for sleep

To sleep well, you need peace. Ear plugs and a mask will save you and from loud-spoken neighbors, and from the sun, which prevents sleep in the morning.

Sign up for a fitness club

To find an enviable musculature for a month, of course,it will not work, but to bring the muscles into tone is a feasible task, so dumbbells are in the hands - and forward. For those who are not attracted by the gym, there is yoga, pilates and lots of other options. The main thing is to move. If you are afraid to buy a subscription for a year, and then do not find the strength to sport and lose money, choose a hall with a monthly payment.

Watch your posture

Here it is necessary to act immediately on all fronts. In the gym, do exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back and bark, and do not forget about stretching before strength training.

At work, adjust the seat of your chair,that the angle between the thigh and the shank in the sitting position is 90 degrees. The top edge of the monitor should be at the level of your eyes. Every hour, take small breaks to stretch your body.

Start the habit of constantly monitoring whether you are holding your back straight. If absolutely unbearable, buy a posture corrector - a gadget that will wean sutures.

Go for a massage

Even if you are not bothered by problems withmusculoskeletal, massage will not be superfluous. In the world there is not a single office employee who would be prevented by a back massage. And at the same time relax a little.

Walk more

Try to walk 10,000 steps each day. If the weather permits, take a walk at least half an hour before going to bed. And try not to use the elevator - what-no, and physical load.

Do a manicure ...

Well-groomed hands are beautiful in themselves, so fromThe master is required simply to give the nails a neat shape and to deal with the cuticle and burrs. And yes, this advice also applies to men: they have exactly the same problems with their nails as women.

And pedicure

This is not even a matter of aesthetics. Corns, cracks and ingrown nails - this is trite inconvenient. If there is no time or desire to visit the master regularly, treat the feet yourself using a laser saw - it is much more effective than the usual pumice stone.

Update the haircut

Or do the one you have been dreaming of, but everythingdid not dare. Haircut is, perhaps, the easiest way to change the appearance. It is not worth saving here, so choose the best master you can afford.

Experiment with hair color

With coloring in one tone it is quite possible to consult at home, and it is better to charge difficult variants such as clarification, ombre or balajazh to professionals.

Caring for the skin of the face

Twice a day wash with a mild cleansingmeans (not soap) and apply a moisturizer. This is a minimum program for both women and men. If the skin problems, contact a beautician, he will help to make a suitable care program.

Do not rub the skin with scrubs

Instead, try acid tonic and peelings. Means based on salicylic or glycolic acid work gently, but effectively. They will help get rid of black dots and post-acne, so that in a month the skin will look much better.

Make ultrasonic cleaning

This is a gentle procedure, after which you do not have to wait long for a person to come to order. The skin will look fresh and healthy - automatically plus a few points to the general appearance.

Less touch your face with your hands

Especially if you already have periodicallythere are rashes. Constant palpation of the face with dirty hands only aggravates the situation. Try to pay attention to it and control your habits.

Buy a new perfume

If you have been using the same toilet water for several years, the people around you associate it strongly and firmly with you. We change the image, change the fragrance - voila, a completely different person.

Disassemble the wardrobe

Just the right occasion - summer clothesgoes to the top shelf of the cabinet, so it's time to figure out what to leave, and what to ruthlessly throw out. Feel free to throw out those things that are small or large, hopelessly spoiled, or simply morally obsolete.

Check if the remaining things are combined with each other

In theory, for a more or less universal femalewardrobe is not so much: jeans, pants, skirt, two shirts (white and colored - monophonic or unobtrusive print), jacket, cardigan and a pair of knitted jumpers.

Men also have nothing difficult: classic dark blue jeans, solid wool trousers, four t-shirts (two of them are polo), a pair of white shirts, a V-neck sweater, a knitted cardigan and a jacket.

Make a list of what you do not have, and go to the store.

Understand with food

In one fell swoop, changing eating habits is difficult becausethat start with small: first thing, exclude from the diet junk food and sweets. We now do not suggest you to sit on a hard diet to suffer a month, and then again rush into the warm embrace of pizza and French fries. This is a gradual change in the approach to food consumption. Forever, not for a few weeks.

Eat breakfast every morning

The story that there is no time for this soundsunconvincing. Oatmeal porridge with fruits or berries can be cooked in a few minutes, the same with fried eggs. We ate in the morning - before lunch there will be no temptation to eat chocolate or cookies.

Wear work dinners

Here everything is simple: if you have food with you, then there is no risk that you will score for lunch or, instead of normal food, limit yourself to a pie and sweets. The ideal snack option is something protein (meat or fish) and a side dish of cereals. Prepare food from the evening and fold it into a container, so as not to waste time in the morning.

Keep an eye on oral hygiene

Fresh breath - a solid bonus to the appearance. Everywhere you can not carry a toothbrush with you, so keep a cleansing foam in your bag and use it after each meal.

Stop smoking

Nicotine patches. Allen Carr's book. A printed plan to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked every day. Strength of will. If you smoke, in struggle with this habit it is necessary to use all available means, otherwise most of the remaining tips will be useless.

Arrange yourself for at least one day without worries

A man who is pretty much indecisive, you can seeimmediately - the victim of time trouble will not help either manicure or a new haircut. I need a rest, not on my own couch, but quality. Go to the spa, you can even spend a whole day on the beauty treatments listed in the article: from haircuts to manicure. This practice allows you to finally feel like a person, not a car for work or housekeeping. Believe me, on the exterior it will be reflected in the best way.

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