To look good, you need to eat right anddrink more water, quit smoking and think about good things. This is a maximum program that can not be performed in 10 days. But even one case from the list will add points to attractiveness and well-being. There's no time to explain, go ahead.

- 1 -

Go to the dentist and cure all the teeth. If there is nothing to treat, do a professional cleaning.

- 2 -

Brush your teeth more often, after each snack, and not just in the morning and evening. For 10 days of good brushing, you remove part of the plaque, if it is, which means that the smell from the mouth will be more pleasant.

- 3 -

Do not drink anything alcoholic. Ten days is enough to bring the consequences of the party, even if it was yesterday. Leaks and dark circles under the eyes will disappear.

- 4 -

Refuse the salt. To begin with, at least stop buying salty snacks. Salt retains water in the body, including, therefore, there are edemas and bags under the eyes.

- 5 -

Every day, come back from work on foot,to go cheerfully at least 40 minutes. If you run, then run, but not in the gym on the path, but in the air. Walking and a fresh breeze will improve the complexion, a light tan will help to hide minor flaws.

- 6 -

Start using disposable face towels instead of towels, especially if you have problematic skin. In 10 days notice the improvement.

- 7 -

Sleep 7-8 hours a day. Can not sleep - lie down, just do not look into the smartphone and do not read. Make plans, dream, count the sheep, you can even try meditation, just let yourself relax and how to relax.

- 8 -

Start to do exercises. It's clear that laziness, but try to set a goal for 10 days. Feel the difference - decide for yourself whether to continue or not. For charging it is necessary very little, do every day at least a bar.

- 9 -

Start eating more often. Divide your portions into two and eat not three to four times a day, but six to seven. The amount of food per day will remain the same, but after 10 days you will notice that portions can be reduced, because you need less food.

- 10 -

Go to the hairdresser out of turn and make an unusual haircut.

- eleven -

Fix, clean and process all shoes so that it is in perfect condition.

- 12 -

Do a general cleaning to dust out of all corners. It will be easier for you to breathe and it will be more pleasant to sleep.

- 13 -

Take a cool shower in the morning to cheer up the vessels and skin.

- 14 -

Every day, call someone from friends with whom you have not talked for a long time. Positive emotions will help to smile more often.

- 15 -

Start walking with a straight back. Buy a special corset or gadget, if you can not keep up all day.

- 16 -

Shake the wardrobe and wear only the best of everything.these 10 days, not postponing for later. And what has not been worn for a long time, take it to a charitable organization. They say that good deeds decorate as much as clothing.

- 17 -

Every evening, watch a pleasant comedy to get a dose of laughter and endorphins. This will help to smile more often and feel more energetic.

- 18 -

Go to the bath, if you can.

- 19 -

Go through a ten-day course of massage, only not relaxing, but healing, to help the back and muscles in the whole body work better and look.

- 20 -

Do not watch TV all these 10 days, make an exception only for comedies.

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