New York photographer Torkil Goodnason is famoushis ability to blur the line between fashion and art. He believes that his work is "a process of friction: if photography has survived its commercial goal, then all that is left is art. Is it good or bad". The photographer also explores personal projects. Here's one of them.

Goodnason was born in Denmark, so he does nothears hears what is a long dark winter. That is why it comes to life when spring comes, and colors and colors come into their full rights. So this project appeared, "Electric Flower", in which the beauty of nature is shown through a creative prism. The whole "trick" of this project is very unnatural lighting. It is under him that the photographer turns a seemingly ordinary still-life into a real holiday of color. He uses artificial studio lighting to achieve neon colors, which are reflected in the petals of flowers by living energy. "I am transporting flowers to my fantasy world," says the photographer. "And so, I give them a new and fantastic life."

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