Julia Katkalo tells where to look for an outfit forprom in school and institute, then not to look at your photos with tears in your eyes, and where you can go in a diadem and family diamonds.

About choosing a dress for prom

The absence of a distinct dress code on graduation is a serious problem, judging by the annual photo reports. And it's not the graduates who are to blame, but the organizers: did someone in the school explain what to wear?

Many do not understand that graduation is a classic way out, not masquerade or rehearsal for a wedding, and too lush dresses-cakes in the style of "I'm a princess" look ridiculous.

It is not necessary to choose something that is poignant in thisseason, so that in ten years not to look at their photos with horror and a dumb question: "Well, how could I wear this?". For the same reason, it is better to give up too bright makeup and complex, high hairstyles: the main sign of modernity is to look stylish, but a little relaxed. Do not stress your sexuality, in the end, there will be parents, teachers, "winged swings" - that's all. Focus on the coolest thing you have right now: youth and naturalness. Best work cocktail dresses of medium length, a maximum of one palm above the knee. Dresses in the floor are also permissible, but in order not to look too grown up, combine them with shoes on a flat sole and choose laconic shapes from light fabric without a plume and a lush skirt. And do not forget about the balance: opened their legs - covered the neckline and vice versa. The brighter the dress, the less ornaments should be.

About the dresses

There is not one single dress style, which is absolutely suitable for graduation, it's more a question of the features of the figure and preferences.

For example, dresses-bustier fit girls withbreast to the third size, otherwise there will be porn. Tight dresses with a lush skirt in the style of new look will hide full hips, tight-fitting dresses will underline the figure, and dresses in the style of a baby doll are good for girls with a rectangular figure. Bad look sundresses in the floor with floral or oriental patterns, they are too reminiscent of outfits for a beach holiday. Not very appropriate dramatic, aggressive prints, it is better to choose dresses of pastel and muted shades.

About hairstyles

Now the hair style in Boho style is relevant: relaxed curls, light braids - such hairstyles even in the disheveled look good. They are neutral, so you will definitely be happy with your choice, looking at photos in a few years. And it is better to do without the main sign of Russian travelers - a flower in the hair.

About jewelry and accessories

We have not bought furniture for a long time already. It's time to stop choosing jewelry sets on the same principle, it's all left in the 90's. Sets "earrings-necklaces" look old-fashioned. Today, eclecticism is important: mono-serge or cuff with two or three miniature bracelets, several thin chains around the neck and rings on the phalanx.

Shoes and bags should be different in color if wewe are talking about some bright, complex colors (a black bag plus shoes in tone - normal, but boring). The bag can be in the color of the dress, and the shoes - in neutral: white, beige. Or vice versa.

About shoes

I think that at the graduation you can completely managewithout shoes on the heel or at least take an extra pair of sandals or sandals on a flat sole for the informal part. If the dress is bright, with an accent, then it will perfectly complement sandals of beige color - they are generally useful to have in the wardrobe, they are suitable for everything. The color of sandals should roughly coincide with the color of the skin, it will stretch out a little silhouette.

About Costumes

It makes sense to buy a classic suit thatcome in handy after. It is not necessary to buy a three-piece suit with a vest, although it's very beautiful. The main thing is for the jacket and pants to sit tight and be the size, the color - any classic: black, dark blue, gray, but necessarily of matte fabric. Very interesting are butterflies, but most prefer a tie. I advise "herring", there is in it the spirit of youth and rock'n'roll. Of the shoes only classic oxfords or derby, although personally to me the combination of costume with white sneakers Converse seems very alive and modern!

Graduation at the university

Graduation in universities - an event moremeaningful, most likely, you yourself will plan an informal part and define a dress code. At the presentation of diplomas you can come in anything, rarely when a special dress code is installed (especially if you give out robes). But the event is morning and official, you do not need to cheer the teachers too frankly.

The main rule: the dress should cost as much as you can spend on it. When buying, consider how many times you will wear it: for example, a gorgeous dress on the floor many times you will not wear it - then in all the photos from the ceremonial events you will look the same. Cocktail dress is a more versatile option, which can be worn for several years. Even better - a dress for rent. For adequate money, you will go out into the world in a cool dress, which, maybe, you can never afford.

If you do not have a big budget for a dress,prefer single-color dresses from matte fabric. Cheap satin, unfortunately, is always visible, especially when it is bright color. Muted colors always look nobler than screaming.

And in the end, you can focus on shoes - on the same Asos or Solestruck full of options for interesting boats with prints for adequate money.

About common mistakes

Do not wear transparent pantyhose. Firstly, they do not wear, and secondly, even the most opaque of them are ugly blikovat on photos (and you probably will take pictures). If the event is long, choose dresses from non-woven fabric. If you dance - a dress without a train and a complex hem. If the event will take place mostly at the table, it is best to wear a dress with a focus on the neckline, beautiful skirt is still no one will see.

For an outdoor event to the dress, you canpick up a jacket or summer coat with a short sleeve - there are a lot of them now. Or choose a dress from a dense fabric with long sleeves, so as not to be tricky with supplements. In advance, find out exactly where the event will take place - on grass or sand on high heels, especially not like, and it is better to give preference to small heels or shoes on a flat sole.

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