Dave Favier has been practicing massage for many years. During this time, he had quite interesting observations about the human body. We publish his confession:

"I have been working as a masseur for many years, and I know,how people look. People undress before me for a very, very long time. So long that even on the street I have one glance to see how you will look on my desk.

It is worth starting with the fact that no one looks like this,as in the photo of models with covers of magazines. Even these very models. No one. Thin people are a bit bony, they have something unfinished, but it's very attractive. They do not have a large chest or a convex round priory. And people with rounded forms will necessarily have a small tummy, and rounded hips. It does not happen in another way. And this is also very attractive.

Women have cellulite. Everyone has. These dimples are very nice. This is not a defect and not a health problem. This is a natural consequence of the fact that you do not consist of pixels and were not born in Photoshop.

Men have funny buttocks. Most of my clients are women, so when I see a male ass from time to time, every time I'm surprised - and that's it, is that it? With them you always need to be more careful, because the tissues are thinner, and only you push harder - they immediately shout.

Older people shrivel. No matter how healthy they are. With every decade you shove a little more. All tissues sag a little freer. There are wrinkles and wrinkles. I do not know who let the rumor that there are wrinkles only among the elderly. Each wrinkle appears as it grows up, and this process is continuous and completely normal.

Every person on the massage table is beautiful. There are really no exceptions to this rule. In general there are no ugly bodies, there are forgotten, unloved - yes. And the ugly do not. After the first heavy sigh and the subsequent relaxation, along with the clothes, the person takes off all the masks and becomes himself. After a few minutes, it starts to glow. This radiance floods the room and fills the masseur. They say that the masseurs are incredibly caring - probably, it is: we like to look after people, and we are very responsive. But let me tell you my secret: I'm in this business for this glow.

I'll tell you what people really look like: they look like flames. Or on the stars on a clear night over the virgin land. "

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