A flash drive, so small and under such an hournecessary thing. On the market, about 80 companies represent their products in this segment. The question arises: how to choose the right USB flash drive? The choice of a flash drive directly depends on what you need it for. Not many features that are important when choosing a flash drive:

  1. Scope
  2. Read / write speed
  3. Design

If you like to spend an evening watchingexcellent movies and prefer your favorite movies to save on a flash drive, then you need a lot of memory for this device, if you just need a portable device for moving and storing documents in the office, then you will have enough memory. Now on the market are flash drives of different memory sizes from 1GB to 256GB.

The write speed of modern flash drives approximatelyis the same, 3-10 MB / s. Reading speed 10-20Mb / s, some up to 35Mb / s. If you suddenly got lucky and you had a flash drive labeled "ultra fast" or "hi-speed", then keep in mind you keep a flash drive with increased write speed, they can reach speeds of up to 50 MB / s.

What just can not fancy designersflash drive! In this you can make sure by coming to any computer store. I want to note, there are devices in practical cases, for example rubberized shockproof, there are gift versions, such flash drives usually look very dignified and it's nice to give them to friends. There are small flash drives, which are convenient to always have with you. If the case of the flash drive is too bulky, you can face such a problem that it will not be possible to get to the usb input on the computer.

Which company produces higher-quality flash drives, it's probably impossible to say. I will only list the most popular companies:

  • Kingston
  • Transcend
  • Silicon Power
  • Sandisk
  • Styleflesh

Thank you for attention! I hope this article will help you understand how to choose a flash drive that satisfies all your desires. Let your flash drive you happy!

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