Everyone knows that the video card is veryan important element in the computer. Especially if it's a gaming PC. If you want the games to "fly", and the graphics amazed with their beauty, then you should not save on the video card. You should also know what criteria you need to choose a graphics card. Therefore, it is about how to choose the right video card, what characteristics it is to pay attention to first of all, and we will talk.

Manufacturers of video cards

Immediately it should be said that the correct advice ona specific manufacturer of video cards can not be given. Too much here depends on the specific characteristics of the video card, their models and so on. The main recommendation is: buy a video card in the original box, so that there will be no surprises afterwards.

As for the producers, at present two giants coexist on the market:

  • AMD (Radeon)
  • NVIDIA (GeForce)

Therefore, focus only on the products of these two manufacturers. On all the others, you should not even pay attention.

Expansion Slots

If you decide to upgrade your computer, thenwhen buying a video card, it is necessary to take into account that new models can simply not approach an outdated motherboard. For the reason that there are not only different types of expansion slots, but also different versions of them. Therefore it is very important to know what connectors are available in your computer system and buy that video card that can be connected to these connectors. Fortunately, all more or less modern processors use a single type of interface, called PCI Express. If your system uses AGP-interface, which is more outdated, then you will not be able to buy one video card. We will have to change the motherboard, too.

The amount of video memory

As a rule, inexperienced users overestimatethe amount of video memory. That's why, many people, not knowing how to choose a video card, choose it exclusively on this characteristic. We are talking about exaggeration for the simple reason that the growth in performance provided by a video card with a large amount of video memory will increase only to a certain extent. Simply put, a video card with 1.6 GB of video memory is working at exactly the same speed as a 3 GB card. The exception is very demanding games at ultra-high resolution. Thus, we can say that the video card has more significant characteristics than the amount of video memory.

The GPU clock speed

Such a processor, located directly on thevideo adapter, performs graphic rendering. The frequency of the GPU is always measured in megahertz. This characteristic affects the performance of the video chip the most that neither is directly. And the more this frequency is higher, the more work can be done per unit of time, there will be an opportunity to process more pixels and so on. It also happens that different parts of the graphics processor work in different frequencies. This is done solely to increase the performance of the video card.

Connectors (video outputs)

It is also important to consider what kind of monitor you have. For example, for modern LCD monitors it is very desirable that the purchased video card has connectors such as HDMI, DisplayPort or DVI. Fortunately, all modern graphics cards are equipped with such ports. It happens that one of them is on it, and it happens that all three together. Please note that if you need a resolution higher than 1920x1200 using DVI digital output, then the video card to your monitor should be connected using a cable and a connector supporting Dual-Link DVI.

Cooling systems

Since video cards consume a lotenergy, and then allocate, respectively, a large amount of heat. This heat must necessarily be removed from them by means of a cooling system. Without a good cooler, the video chip will overheat and quickly fail. Today, coolers are available as single-slot, dual-slot, and three-slot (all depends on the occupied space). The larger the cooler, the correspondingly and better the cooling of the video card.

The question of the noise of the cooling system is also quite important. Some of the video cards have quite noisy coolers, which cool down quite well, but bring discomfort to the computer owner.

How to choose a video card for a laptop

Here everything is quite simple. To choose a video card for a laptop, first of all, you need to decide what you need this laptop for. If for games or working with complex graphic editors, then choose a card more easily, guided by the tips given above. If you need a laptop for watching movies and the Internet, then you can choose a video card for the budget option.

We really hope that now you know how to choose a video card for your computer, and what characteristics it should pay special attention to.

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