The world of computer technology is developingincredibly fast. Sufficient for only one month, and here earlier "top equipment" becomes a common everyday. Obviously, with this development of events it is worthwhile to think about upgrading regularly. Today we will consider one of the upgrade options, namely how to change the graphics card.

Since almost every modernperson is available either a personal home computer, or a mobile laptop computer (laptop), then we will consider the upgrade process separately for each of them.

How to change a video card on a computer

Fortunately, the process of upgrading a personal computer is quite simple. Let's take a look at the items necessary actions:

  1. Of course, first you need to buy a new video card. When choosing, consider your needs and opportunities. Also do not forget to check compatibility of the video card and your motherboard.
  2. In your operating system, remove the drivers for the video card that you will replace.
  3. Before replacing the video card completely turn off the computer, and also disconnect all cords from the system unit.
  4. Now you have to unscrew all the bolts on one of the side covers. Remove it.
  5. Find the video card in the system unit. Remove the bolts that secure it. Carefully remove the old video card.
  6. Take a new video card and install in the slot of the old video card. Put a little pressure on the video card in order for it to enter and stay in the slot.
  7. Secure the video card with bolts.
  8. Fasten the side cover of the system unit. Connect all the cords to the unit.
  9. Turn on the computer.
  10. Install the necessary drivers for your new video card. They can be found on the auxiliary CD-ROM that comes in the kit or on the official website of the manufacturer.
  11. Enjoy the new video card!

As you can see, the upgrade of a personal computer does not carry any difficulties. What about the laptop?

How to change the video card on a laptop

In order to change the video card on a laptop we need to learn a bit of theory.

Before, it is worth considering that all video cards for laptops are divided into two different types:

  1. Video cards in the form soldered in the motherboardvideo chips. If your video card has this type of video card, then its upgrade is most likely impossible. In order to increase the power of the laptop you can only completely replace the entire video chip. For this procedure, you need special equipment and considerable financial costs.
  2. Video cards that are installed on the MXM slot. These video cards and the principle of their installation is similar to a similar process in a conventional personal computer. In such cases, it is possible to replace not only the entire video card, but also a chip on it.

Is it worth changing the video card on a laptop? Probably no. First, most likely, you will have to resort to the services of professionals and service centers. Secondly, this process is always incredibly expensive and time consuming. Increasingly, notebook manufacturers are releasing models in which a video card upgrade is almost impossible or too expensive. If you need true large graphics power, then it will be more appropriate to think about buying a personal computer. Remember - laptops are very rarely suitable for entertainment applications in the form of computer games.

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