Often, PC users are faced with bothproblems in computer performance, and with various "graphic artifacts" that interfere with the comfortable use of technology. Typically, the main culprit for such problems is one of the main energy consumers in the system unit - a video card. The huge load falling on this device, as well as not always well thought out by the manufacturer cooling, very often lead to excess of the manufacturer's temperature, the appearance of problems in the operation of the device, and in the end - to the death of the video card. How to prevent such a sad outcome? Very simply - you just need to monitor the temperature of the video card, so that it does not exceed the manufacturer's set standards.

Maximum allowable temperature of the video cardto find out simply - it is listed in the specifications of your device, which can be found on the manufacturer's website, but how do you know the temperature of the video card? The most accurate way is of course the measurement "manually" - that is, the installation of an electronic thermometer on the body of the video card and measurement. But, despite the fact that this method will show the most accurate result, for most users it is unacceptable - it's better for a specialist to not climb into the system unit, and especially nothing to fix it there so as not to harm yourself.

A much simpler way is to measuretemperature of the video card with the help of special utilities, which allow obtaining data from the sensors installed by the manufacturer. It is important to note that users of nVidia graphics cards can recognize the temperature using the nVidia-settings utility installed with the drivers, which is especially true for users of Linux OS. However, the most popular programs for measuring the temperature of a video card are:

  • Speed ​​Fan;
  • Everest Ultimate Edition.

Speed ​​Fan

The Speed ​​Fan utility allows you to measure the temperatureelements of your PC - hard drive, CPU and video card. The program will start measuring the temperature from the start. A special feature of this program is a multilevel temperature indicator. The indicator shows not only the temperature of the device, but also indicates whether it exceeds the specified limits or is normal. The program allows you to display the temperature of one of the devices in the form of an icon in the tray.

Everest Ultimate Edition

The Everest Ultimate Edition isA multifunctional utility containing various benchmarks, test checks and measurements. Unlike Speed ​​Fan, Everest not only allows you to know the temperature of the video card, but it provides much more information - the utility not only provides you with data from sensors, but also analyzes the operation of your computer and operating system.

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