The computer processor is the most important part of it. All problems associated with its incorrect work can be caused by overheating. Therefore, our article will tell you how to know the temperature of the processor. This is necessary to accurately diagnose the condition of the computer and its systems, in order to take early steps to avoid a breakdown of the PC. So:

Programs and utilities showing the temperature of the processor

Let's start with the most common software package that is used in Russia. Let's talk about Windows and what utilities will help diagnose the CPU temperature.

  • The program SpeedFan is designed to tracktemperature changes not only the processor, but also all other devices of the computer, which are equipped with similar sensors. In addition, you can reduce the power consumption by using this utility. The most important characteristic of the program is that it is able to regulate the temperature of the processor, if the corresponding devices are installed on the motherboard. The fact is that the mass of programs only show the temperature of the processor when SpeedFan can control it.
  • The CPUCooL program is used by those to whomit is necessary to have exhaustive information about the operation of the computer hardware. This utility can be downloaded for free at the following link: CPU COOL. This utility offers the user every minute control over the performance of the system. Speed ​​of rotation of coolers, various characteristics of the processor and, of course, its temperature performance. In addition, CPUCooL is able to display information about the different voltage values ​​on the motherboards of some manufacturers. Also, the utility is equipped with an automatic function of emergency shutdown of the computer, which can be useful to those who are working on overclocking the characteristics of central processors.

Many computer users in Russiaprefer the Linux operating system from the army of independent developers. For this system, there are also a number of utilities that allow you to control the activities of your computer's devices. Consider a way to determine the temperature of the processor in the Ubuntu system. Here's what you need to do:

  • Install the lm-sensors package using the sudo aptitude install lm-sensors command.
  • After installing the package, run the sensor-detect application. This program will determine those sensor values ​​that the user is able to control.
  • Once all sensors have been determined, the sensors application must be started.
  • Now you can read in the message about what is the CPU temperature at the moment. The information you are looking for is contained in the last line.

Well, finally dive into a very rarethe scope of users who can afford computers from Apple. How do you know the temperature of the notebook processor under the proud name of the MacBook? For this purpose, you must use the iStat utility. It has a number of unsurpassed characteristics. For example:

  • Information about the CPU load;
  • Information about the used RAM;
  • Information on the rotational speed of the device coolers;
  • Information on the status of all wired and wireless connections;
  • Information about the battery charge;
  • Well, the desired temperature of the various components of the device.
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